Monday, June 15, 2015

Differences? The extent to which society is willing to accept delusions

So...if you're white, you can't be black. But if you're a man, you can be a woman? Talk about moral relativism colliding with natural law. Damn, this is confusing...or maybe just they are, alongside the pop culture that plays along and promotes.

With all the governmental gerrymandering that's crippling our country at the moment, these are the distractions that our decaying society chooses to latch onto. So let's walk and chew gum for 5 minutes.

We've heard the mainstream narratives out there that continue to insist on an alternate reality. Well, I've somewhat followed The Federalist commentary on Bruce over the past few weeks; and now with what's come to light with Dolezal, one writer has wrapped all of this together and produced one crystal clear perspective:
Last week, it was revealed that Spokane NAACP president Rachel Dolezal, who had represented herself as black for the better part of a decade, was not actually black. Dolezal’s biological parents, both white, announced that Dolezal, too, was also quite white. And shortly after that, the Internet exploded.

In a post that has garnered quite a bit of attention, I asked how what Dolezal did was really all that different than what Bruce Jenner did: namely, playing dress-up in order to hide one’s true identity. In Dolezal’s case, she changed her hair, her make-up, and her wardrobe in order to give the impression that she was black. In Jenner’s case, he changed his hair, his make-up, and his wardrobe in order to give the impression that he is a female.

Dolezal was born white but wanted people to believe she was black. Jenner was born a man but wants people to believe he is a woman. The only difference between these two is the extent to which society is willing to accept their delusions.
Profound. The writer goes on to comment that a number of people took great exception to his article comparing the two, commenting on one in particular, while backing up his case with a related Federalist article. In the end, not only is the DNA basics of X and Y chromosomes impossible to overcome, but so is basic reason when relying on the circular logic of past/present identity of sex/race feelings against reality.
The real difference between Jenner and Dolezal is not fraud or deception, because they are both living out a lie. They are both delusional. The real difference is the extent to which society is willing to go along with their charades. The Danish author Hans Christian Anderson prophetically captured this dynamic 178 years ago:
As the emperor proceeded down the street, everyone exclaimed, “Goodness, the emperor’s new clothes are incredibly beautiful! The finest he’s ever worn! What a perfect fit!” No one wanted to admit that the emperor was naked, for that would make the person seem stupid or unfit for his or her job.

At last a small child said, “But he doesn’t have anything on!”

“Goodness!” said the child’s father. Then he turned to his neighbor. “Just listen to what this innocent child said,” he whispered, repeating the child’s comment.

One person whispered to another, and then another and another. Soon everyone was shouting, “But he doesn’t have anything on!”
The difference between Jenner and Dolezal is not fraud. The difference between the two is that Jenner has an influential army to help carry the hem of the cloak that isn’t there.
It's as though we live in a world that can't find contentment in reason anymore, devoid of its providential underpinnings and basic knowledge, so fantasy is sought as an escape to fabricate happiness.

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