Friday, June 5, 2015

Hillary racebaits over Voter ID...Levin's solution to deal with it (if Republicans will listen)

So, Hillary's latest distraction away from the ongoing Clinton donor scandal is to promote the idea of unconstitutionally nationalizing 20 days of early voting in elections that would overwhelmingly amount to more FRAUD!
"...the states determine the voting processes in the states, and this was a vital issue during the ratification debates. The states did not want the central government mucking around in that process. So what Hillary Clinton is saying in essence is - one more centralized decision by the federal government imposed on the states. 20 days of early voting nationwide. Now how would she do that? Is she going to amend the Constitution? NO! She'll get it into the courts, claim it's a civil right, which is what we always do with the left wing agenda - the left wing agenda is always about 'civil rights'; has nothing to do with civil rights, but that's what they say - and so she seeks to impose this on all the states. The iron-fisted Hillary Clinton would follow the iron-fisted Barack Obama. I don't think this country could survive this, not as America, not as a republic."

Well, here's Levin's straight-forward, common sense explanation of EXACTLY what Republicans should do to deal with her race-baiting tactics against Voter ID laws...
"Whoever's nominated in the Republican Party, in their debates with Hillary Clinton, she will bring this up, voting, that Republicans are trying to stop people from voting in the states. And depending on who's nominated in the Republican Party, if it's a male they should pull out their wallet, if it's a female pull out their purse, and then pull out their driver's license, hold it up and show it to the American people..."
It needs to be made explicitly clear that Hillary Clinton is doing all of this because, like everything else on the Democratic plantation, she seeks to make a racial issue out of something that doesn't even exist...and like a good little Alinskyite, for the sake of divisiveness in aid of party power and individual gain over the unity of the country.

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