Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How cowardly McKinney leaders folded to race-hustlers

If you want to know what REALLY went down, look no further than these substantial accounts:
The Full Story of The McKinney Texas, Pool Mob – Inside The “Craig Ranch” Subdivision…
HERE’S what the media WON’T tell you about the McKinney pool party incident!
Another #BlackLivesMatter Cause In The Making: #McKinney, Texas…Update: Violence That Brought Cops, Residents Black And White Backing Police
And more from just a few of the eye-witnesses who live there:
Black man at McKinney pool party says race had absolutely nothing to do with it
Megyn Kelly interviews resident who was at Mckinney pool party who explains WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
McKinney neighbor posts sign THANKING POLICE ‘for keeping us SAFE’
Black eyewitness to Texas pool-party incident: “I do not believe that this was about race”
Yet the frenzied race-hustlers jump from Ferguson to Baltimore to McKinney...
Black activists making kids burn American flags in McKinney, Texas
Nation of Islam joins protesters in large demonstration at McKinney Texas
HERE WE GO: National race-baiter headed to McKinney to stoke the flames of racism
Black Radio Host And Eyewitness To Texas Pool Party Incident Receiving Death Threats For Saying McKinney Cop Not Motivated By Racism…
‘Black Twitter wants BLOOD!’ – online activists force Bank of America response to McKinney controversy
Then to top it off, the officer doesn't get any semblance of a fair shot, nope, he's forced out and the gutless Chief throws him under the bus, opening the door to more race-hustling or worse...
Breaking: #McKinney Police Officer Involved In ‘Pool Party’ Video Resigns…Update:Mayor, Police Chief Throw Officer Under Bus…
Levin chimed in on the incident during Tuesday's program...
There's another phony attack by the mob on police officers in America, this time in McKinney, TX. There's an intentional pattern of turning every community into Ferguson or Baltimore, using select video footage to frame the story and make it look like cops are evil. We're teaching teens that it's ok to bully cops and disregard authority. Even worse, the situation is becoming another race matter because of people like Al Sharpton and his local surrogate race baiters when it's not a matter of race at all.
...and BLASTS the McKinney Police Chief for throwing this officer OVER THE CLIFF!
TRS: Mark Levin was livid after he heard the comments of the McKinney police chief, saying that the actions of officer Casebolt as shown in the video were out of control and indefensible. Levin defended the officer, saying he was clearly surrounded while thugs were trying to rush him and he was not out of control. Levin points out that the officer was very much justified in pulling his sidearm and that this phoney police chief is nothing but a creep.

The so-called leaders of this TEXAS town folded like cheap suits in a matter of days from a media-hyped, race-baiting ploy without seeing the full investigation through. And unfortunately, it may not be over for the town of McKinney with the further promotion of civil unrest. However, as I just mentioned, this is TEXAS, a very Second Amendment state, so thuggery be forewarned!

Of course there are questions, there always are. But the majority of everything heard in the mainstream media currently consists of hyperbole, malice towards authority, race-baiting, and the like. The setup for what's still an open investigation is under immense political pressure to sway one way and one way only. Therefore what this develops into is yet another example of law and order being cast as the villain, while lawlessness is either swept under the rug or portrayed as somehow virtuous, reflective of our current upside-down society.

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