Friday, June 5, 2015

Democratic Congresswoman wants mandatory gun insurance

So now a House Democrat, backed by insurance companies, no less, is pushing for mandatory gun insurance. Bought-and-paid-for MUCH?! This is obviously the Left's next stratagem aimed at attacking the Second Amendment. And wait until you hear her rationale for unyieldingly stripping the citizenry of yet another might even get a kick out of the blatant racialization she's promoting as well.
FrontPageMag: If insurance is so great at stopping bad things from happening, can we get politician insurance?

For a mere $5.95 a month, you too can be insured against the risk of electing morons whose only two functions in life are stealing money and trying to run your life.

So now the anti-2nd amendment trolls have a great new idea. Stop shootings with gun insurance. It’s a plan so stupid it can only come from a career Democrat.

So Maloney’s theory is that the gang members, who are responsible for most of the shootings, will have to buy gun insurance before they shoot someone?

Of course their guns are usually illegal anyway because they’re operating in blue states and/or blue cities. So this plan makes about as much sense as complaining that rioters burning down businesses need jobs.

Instead this is yet another bout of trolling and petty harassment aimed at gun owners by a frustrated left irritated because it hasn’t been able to get its own way in its long battle with the Bill of Rights.
One word comes to mind: Dumb.

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