Friday, June 5, 2015

Obama says Netanyahu 'predisposed' to think peace is naive

And Obama's beyond naive to think the Islamo-Nazis want peace with Israel!

Always with the insults towards allies and the anti-Semitism (prodding of the media doesn't help)...
TRS: Obama gave an interview to an Israeli reporter the other night and as you might expect, he criticized Netanyahu and insisted his deal with Iran is the best thing since sliced bread...

[Obama's] assessment of Netanyahu, who he said was predisposed to think peace is na├»ve, suggested that Netanyahu’s stipulations for peace are just unworkable or something.

This S.O.B. has NEVER admired Israel from afar. And leave it up to the controversial white/Israeli reporter, Ilana Dayan, to invite him to throw down the race (black) /religion (Muslim) card at his convenience. Surprised Obama didn't mention gender...although he did say something about him and Bibi coming from 'different orientations'. Hmmm...

Even on this past Holocaust Memorial Day, an outspoken European atheist can attest to the special kind of hate of what he calls Europe's "multicultural rainbow coalition of suicidal stupidity and moral cowardice."

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