Monday, June 1, 2015

LEVIN: "If we can't win this time around, I don't think we're ever going to win"

These have been genuine concerns of mine over the past several months, particular the number of Republican candidates as we see more and more pile on...

HANNITY: What does that Republican candidate need to win in Mark Levin's view?

LEVIN: Well, the guy who ran the table was the most conservative Republican nominated for President in modern American history, maybe in history period. That's what we need to do.

I'm not happy with all these candidates. There's just too damn many of them. But that said, I can't control that, and neither can anybody else. But I do think we conservatives are going to have to rally behind one or two or three relatively quickly, or the RINOs are going to pick us off, as they did with McCain and Romney and hope to do with Jeb Bush, among others.

Now on the Democrat side, this is an amazing thing to me. I don't know how Hillary Clinton hasn't at least served some time in prison, given her background and what she's done. Now they've set up this front group to launder money through so the sources of the money wouldn't be known that Bill Clinton receives. There's so much graft and corruption and sleaze in this family and what they do. And yet, apparently, that's the definition of the Democrat party. She is, right now, unless you take the goofball from Vermont, she's right now the only so-called serious candidate the Democrats have.

HANNITY: Last question. If you were running against Hillary, they've gotten away with so much in the past. Do you focus on the scandals? Or do you focus on how to get 93 million Americans back in the labor force, 50 million Americans off food stamps and out of poverty? Do you focus on the debt and deficit? Do you focus on securing the borders? Do you focus on energy? You've got to have a positive agenda. You've got to tell people how you're going to get them back to work. You've got to tell them how you're going to stop robbing their kids, right?

LEVIN: I agree with you. Well, you need to do both. I don't think the candidate, him or herself, should get into e-mails and what an email said on May 12th, 2014. You can leave that to surrogates and others.

I think the key here is to have a principle conservative message to connect with the blue collar and other collar democrats, to keep the base, to connect with the American people, and to have a positive, strong, conservative, principled message, because now is the time to promote our position and to contrast it with the left. The Obama economy, let alone the foreign policy, they've been a complete and utter disaster. And the Democrats want to do more of the same: tax, debt, illegal immigration, kill the currency, leave our allies on their own, stand back and watch genocide. I mean, this is a record.

If we can't win this time around, I don't think we're ever going to win.
Personally, I think one of two would suffice...and the first two major candidates to throw their hats in the ring should give readers an indication of my favored. All the rest need to recede.

H/t: RCP

ADDENDUM: And just to prove the time has never been riper...
Americans are searching for something more principled than the Left or the Establishment...of course, the lib media is doing all they can to NOT assist the People in such a quest, which is why conservative stalwarts, like Levin, are so vital.

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