Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where's Obama? (UPDATE)

During another CR passage, and the ensuing budget debate, Obama has been recognizably absent (leaving Biden in charge, who was also out…on a five-day swing through Russia!). And now as the world trudges through the chaos of the Japanese earthquake and impending nuclear crisis, Libya in turmoil, and slumps in both stock and housing markets, Obama goes on ESPN to make his bracket selections for the NCAA Championships? WTF?! It cannot be more apparent that Obama’s lack of leadership stems from his lack of engagement, his disconnect, in the urgent issues and emergencies occurring worldwide.

Addressing the audio montage in an earlier segment, Rush stated:

That's the best way we could illustrate what's going on here. We've got literal worldwide emergencies and in the past the United States was involved in these things, as a decision-maker, as a problem solver, as at least a nation that offered assistance. Now, while it's all going on, our esteemed leader spent 30 minutes taping his bracket selections for the NCAA basketball tournament. Now, to be fair, ladies and gentlemen, just to show you that we will bend over forwards to be fair, in the ESPN segment where Obama made his picks, he does mention that people should go to a government website to find out about what's happening in Japan before they fill out their brackets. How big of him. I kid you not. Yes, even Brian is shaking his head at that one. So here you are, we're watching ESPN, you're excited because The One, The Messiah, Pharaoh Obama will soon be making his bracket picks. But instead he has to perform a public service.

So speaking directly to the ESPN audience, he says, (paraphrase) "Go to my website to find out what's happening in Japan before you fill out your bracket picks, otherwise you probably would never hear anything about what's going on over there, only if you go to my website." So, obviously, he heard the criticism, and in order to try to recapture some credibility he told the ESPN audience to go to his website to learn what's going on in Japan before filling out the bracket picks. (laughing) We are living through this. And it's starting, they're just small little ripples, the media and some of the people on the Democrat side are now beginning to -- I mean this is not at all what they expected. You know, go back to 2007, 2008, this guy, you remember, was the end-all. There had never, ever been anybody in American politics like Barack Obama. We were to be treated, we were in store for a politics unlike the world had ever seen before. Problems to be solved practically overnight, in the midst of great goodwill and love and karma and we had people falling all over themselves talking about the greatness embodied in this. Why, folks, the Nobel people, they're jokes anyway, they gave him a Peace Prize on the come. It's never happened. They gave a Peace Prize because they thought his ascension to leader of the regime would bring peace around the world. Look at what is happening.

As one caller on another radio show described, Obama is the ‘Charlie Sheen’ of Presidents! He lives in his own reality, surrounded by ‘yes men’, and only sees the world in ‘Obamavision’. Clever description of our ‘warlock’-in-chief. Now to be fair, he’s always been a little Hollywood bizarre…Charlie Sheen, that is. But I digress…

Food and gas prices are on the rise, but…It’s All Good, because Obama is President!

To top it off, Jay Carney, White House press secretary, informed WH correspondents that through all the troublesome issues here and abroad, the Obama’s are still on schedule to take their vacation in Rio! Must be nice to be king…but not one of those rich people we’re supposed to hate, of course not! I wonder if he’d be so nonchalant about how disconnected and neglectful this appears if he knew he faced stiffer competition in 2012? Just a thought…

UPDATE: On Friday, Obama announced that he's going to Ireland in May!

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