Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dean Dollars: a collective fraud

Well here's one that's been lost in the shuffle over the past couple of weeks...and I'm sure Howard Dean and the Democrats, specifically those 14 missing WI Senators, would have preferred it that way.  However, the truth will out!  If this latest revelation doesn't put a new spin on the collective rip-off that public sector unions are attempting to advance in Wisconsin, how about adding an element of collective FRAUD to stir the pot? 'Fraud' specifically in the form of a $100,000 slush fund used to fund the WI Dem Senators' "exile"...or perhaps we should use the term "vacation" after reading Jeffrey Lords piece in the American Spectator.  While the Left rails against every conservative from the Koch brothers to the Gov. Scott Walker, a couple of other brothers have conveniently been removed from the equation: the Dean brothers!  Dealin' the Dean Dollars.  Democrats partaking in questionable activity that could result in ethics violations, not to mention their AWOL status, along with some WI teachers and doctors lying for one another...say it ain't so!  If these facts could get out to the public at large -- yes, that means through the media -- this would be the 'last days' for many corrupt entities.  Spread the word, and the truth will out!

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