Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mark Levin on "a serious legislative effort"

“You see, only expanding government, creating massive unfunded entitlements, sinking the nation further into debt and eventually bankruptcy is a ‘serious legislative effort’. An attempt to contain the damage that’s been done by this administration, and eventually reverse course, and eventually reinstitute Constitutional provisions – like the commerce clause, so that individuals are not compelled to do something against their will with their own money – that’s not ‘serious’. See, we’re not serious, we promote violence through our rhetoric, we’re right-wingers. Meanwhile, the 20% of the leftists who cling to power, who secrete themselves in positions of influence, whether it’s the media or Hollywood or high levels of government, they’re serious, they’re good people, they’re civil, and all the rest of it. We’re not buying this crap anymore. No way…this is a serious effort. And it needs to be done over and over again, and we need to have this debate over and over again about what kind of society we want to live in: a transformidable one, as Obama would call it, or a constitutional one. Let me help the liberals out with that point too.

The Constitution is not about transforming society. The Constitution is about protecting the individual in an ordered society where there’s a stable law, where most of the authority is at a local level, not at a centralized federal level with bureaucrats and federal politicians. So, if you want to transform the society, how do you transform it when the Constitution stands in your way? How do you transform the society when the Constitution places specific limits on the federal government as opposed to the individual? You can’t transform society and uphold the Constitution at the same time. You just can’t. And the liberals used to agree with us.

Two-and-a-half, three weeks ago, when the majority in the House started to read the Constitution on the floor, we had one of them after another telling us there’s something wrong with us [and] our sick love affair with the Constitution. I mean, it’s over a hundred years old, they said. And it’s very confusing; it’s incoherent, it can’t really be understood. Even though all these members of Congress take an oath to uphold it, they’re upholding something they don’t understand.

Meanwhile, they tell us that attacks on Obama’s policies, well there’s something wrong with us, we’re anti-government. Their pro-government, but against the Constitution, and we’re anti-government, but for the Constitution? Does that make sense? What else do they tell us?

They tell us that we must adhere to court rulings and precedent. But why must we adhere to court rulings and precedent, if we don’t have to adhere to the Constitution? It is they who promote anarchy, and anarchy gets what? Tyranny. Yes it does.”

~ Mark Levin 01/18/11

Source: The Mark Levin Show

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