Friday, January 28, 2011

Grab a shovel!

Like clockwork, the morning after the SOTU speech, the CBO came out with figures that show the deficit growing to $1.5T this year!
“CBO: Deficit widened to $1.5 trillion this year” by Erik Wasson

With such unsustainability comes precise decision-making. Now, constitutional amendments are not something mentioned lightly. They are not called upon for self-aggrandizing purposes or growing government, but for serious matters that call for great responsibility in serving the body politic. It is with great care that these Senators take on the task, advised by Goldwater and Reagan, to introduce a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution in order to save this nation from insurmountable debt and utter plunder!
“The proposed amendment would bring down the nation’s skyrocketing national debt by requiring balanced budgets and prohibiting deficit spending or tax increases unless approved by two-thirds of the House and Senate.” Amen! This is the most sensible suggestion I’ve heard come from Congress in years.

Supplement that bold proposal with these suggested cuts and eliminations from the Heritage Foundation to begin shrinking the behemoth of Big Government.
“How to Cut $343 Billion from the Federal Budget” by Brian Riedl

The time cannot be more ripe, and arguably past due, for a balanced budget amendment. God Help Us…give our leaders the Strength, Endurance and Intelligence to turn this ship around!

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