Monday, January 24, 2011

‘Kumbaya’ camp fire turns to freakin’ Prom Night!

Date Night? Courting? Going Stag? &%#$! What a bunch of freakin'…I can’t say it! One ‘civil’ description that comes to mind is ‘juvenile dopes’, especially members of the GOP that go along with this. Add Obama's platitudes upon droning platitude, and I seriously don’t think I can watch this CRAP!
“State of the Union 'Date Night': Lawmakers Court Seating Partners, Some to Go Stag” by Devin Dwyer

I pray that we don't see members of the CALVARY paired up! I know Mark Kirk has paired up, although while he's a newbie, he's hardly a conservative. I seriously don't think I can watch this blather...besides the 'couples', I just can't take being willingly lied to!

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