Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WH, Media will always shout 'gun control' before addressing the slouching society of instability that breeds violence (UPDATE)

A shocking display of a local reporter and her cameraman being gunned down on live tv by a disgruntled former co-worker this morning should have us further questioning the breakdown throughout all facets of our civil society. Instead, 'gun control, gun control!' is the first thing that comes out of this White House (while they're nuking up Iran no less!). You see, they, along with the media, can't credibly address the societal discord when they're major drivers of its permeation, whether that be for votes, ratings, general division or whatnot. So they obfuscate, meander, distract. 

Furthermore, this deadly account blows holes in the racialism of demographic politics and mediaite hegemony alike, because the shooter happened to be a reporter of color who callously filmed himself gunning down the victims to then post on social media! The ugly infatuation with social media...

Now in the short term, a safe bet would be to go with Rush's advice: perhaps it's time for journalists to consider arming themselves?

And perhaps it's just coincidence that this nutjob seemed to be heading towards the direction of the nation's top rabble-rousing domain after doing the deed and evading authorities...

Perhaps as the investigation unfolds, we'll understand more about the motivation. Perhaps not. But what heinous crimes of this intensity continue to display is the progressive heightening of violence and instability boiling over in a slouching society, affecting the mental stability of far too many individuals.

Don't hold your breath waiting for this White House regime or its Pretorian Guard media to address this root cause, though. On the contrary, they'll keep it going. It'll be left to neighbors and communities, churches and local institutions to solve these societal ills, not modern politics or media that simply exploit it.

Virginia reporter, cameraman shot dead
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UPDATE: Oh dear Lord help us...
‘YOU WANT A RACE WAR?’ – Gay black murderer of TV reporters wanted REVENGE for South Carolina Church MASSACRE
A lunatic responding to a lunatic.

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ADDENDUM: via Levin...

Today Obama gave a statement in regard to the horrible shooting of a local TV reporter and her cameraman this morning in Roanoke, saying “what we know is that the number of people who die from gun related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism.”

Levin, responding to this statement tonight, said that every time some peice of crap kills innocent people, Democrats want to round up the weapons!

He’s right, it happens every time there’s a shooting and well before we know any of the facts.

Levin wants to know why we can’t have Republicans out there who respond to this drivel like this, saying there is a way to reduce gun violence and it’s called law and order! Levin says we should back the cops rather than undermine them, appoint solid law and order judges and throw the book at criminals! That’s how Republicans should respond!
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  1. exactly! That's what I immediately thought where hearing Josh Earnest in the news conference.