Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Liberalism...beyond 'mainstreaming dumb' to 'mainstreaming crazy'

Sometimes, too often as of late actually, we find that what surrounds us ventures beyond just dumb, but well into the outright crazy. And John Hawkins does an excellent job in capturing the honest-to-goodness crazy of the Left in what might be the most would-be-comedic-genius-if-it-weren't-so-damn-scary-true article that you'll read today...
Townhall: If every conservative and moderate in America disappeared tomorrow, liberals would party like they won the Super Bowl. Five years later, the entire economy would collapse; Cuba, Mexico and Canada would be occupying parts of the United States and President Bernie Sanders would be encouraging people to burn down the remaining businesses that hadn’t gone under to protest unemployment.

They’re pursuing both spending and immigration policies that could fairly be called suicidal for America. On the international scene, Obama has managed to restart the Cold War with Russia, throw away two wars Bush had already won in Afghanistan and Iraq and has enabled the rise of ISIS.

If there is a part of America that’s important or works, liberals are systematically trying to destroy it. We HAD – emphasis on the word HAD – the best healthcare system in the world before Obamacare. Under Obama’s incompetent leadership, the economy STILL hasn’t recovered from the housing crash of 2007. Marriage was already in trouble; so rather than trying to fix it, liberals were like, “Hey, let’s kick that all the way down the stairs with gay marriage! Then we’ll push a refrigerator down the stairs behind it with polygamy next!” Despite the fact that we now have the first black president, his supporters have spent practically his entire presidency trying to create race riots and foment hatred between black and white Americans.

As a rule, liberals support stupid, counter-productive policies that do more harm than good to the country. This is what I mean by saying that they’re “mainstreaming dumb.”

However, we’ve now gotten to the point where liberals are “mainstreaming crazy.” By that, I mean there is increasingly a merger of thought between radical college professors, weird feminists, commenters on the Daily Kos and Democrat senators.

By the time some fruit loop at Berkeley spouts off a half-thought-out piece of ludicrous nuttery, an article has been written about it and you’ve had time to roll your eyes and say, “Ugh, what a kook,” some Democrat congressman is publicly agreeing with him.
So true! I'll let you continue the MUST READ short list of examples Hawkins supplies to exemplify the crazy (the second page substance of #blacklivesmatter nut bags, gendered mentally ill and abortion Nazis is gold!). But it's the final synopsis that sobers you up to the reality of the genuine state of our union...
To have so many Americans embracing this kind of depravity and madness doesn’t bode well for the future of the country.
And that's why we must continue to fight against it with every fiber of our being.

As flawed human beings, we partook of the knowledge of good and evil long ago. We can't now after thousands of years of human advancement and enlightenment pretend to be dumb to the obvious differences. Embracing crazy is to embrace the evil over the good, and this is the only logical answer to what we see occurring right here, right now.

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