Wednesday, August 19, 2015

National Suicide: This is not immigration and there is no birthright citizenship (ADDENDUMS)

“Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction is, by virtue of natural law and national law, a citizen of the [United States]. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers, accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.” ~ Senator Jacob Howard (R-MI), author of Citizenship Clause, 1866
There is the law and their is either the enforcement of or the lawlessness allowed. It's not xenophobic, bigoted or racist to point out. It's the truth, and the laws on the books support it (which is likely why crooked politicians in DC want it 'reformed').

Here's how this needs to be understood, as explained by Rush and Levin, as well as how it needs to go...

This is not immigration; this is an INVASION.

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We're importing the Third DAMN World!

Turn'em around, kick'em in the ass, and send'em home.

Levin thoroughly explained birthright citizenship last night and why Congress can end it without ever having to consider amending the Constitution or even creating more 'comprehensive immigration reform' over existing law.
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show: The argument that an illegal alien can step into the United States, claim legal and political jurisdiction, and confer citizenship to their child is insane. People claiming to be Constitutional experts saying that the 14th Amendment allows birthright citizenship are dead wrong. The 14th Amendment didn’t even give citizenship to Native Americans, why would it give citizenship to illegal aliens? The Constitution is on our side in a second way: Article 1 Section 8, which grants plenary power to Congress to establish a uniform rule of naturalization. We’re tired of being told someone can come into our country illegally, claim citizenship, and we’re told there’s nothing we can do about it. We have policies that promote illegal aliens and illegal alien children more than the American citizen and American child – we’re committing national suicide.

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This is simple enough for even Harry Reid to have gotten before he & his party decided to play politics with it (of which both sides now play politics with)...

Just ENFORCE the damn law! Done. (see how Eisenhower did)

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ADDENDUM: Levin continued to press the point throughout Wednesday evening...

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show: It’s time to go on the offensive about birthright citizenship. Congress has the broadest power under the Constitution to pass a statute and put an end to birthright citizenship; they have the final say and it’s time they did something. It’s amazing how people push birthright citizenship policy and pretend the Constitution is on their side and we’re the ones that have to amend it, when in reality it’s the other way around.
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ADDENDUM II: It's quite apparent that the U.S. is almost alone in the developed world when it comes to granting so-called birthright citizenship. Notice how the only qualities of exceptionalism that leftists want to apply to America are to her detriment?
Breitbart: While the left has attacked the idea of ending birthright citizenship in the U.S. as “extreme,” globally the U.S. is one of few countries that actually grant automatic citizenship at birth to illegal immigrants.

As reports have indicated, the U.S. and Canada are the only two developed nations that grant automatic citizenship at birth to the children of illegal and temporary immigrants.

Last summer NumbersUSA investigated where countries across the globe stand on the issue of conferring automatic citizenship at birth to anyone born within their territories, also known as “jus soli” (a Latin term meaning “right of the soil”).

According to NumbersUSA’s list, the vast majority of counties do not adhere to jus soli. Of their list of about 190 countries, just 33 (including the U.S. and Canada) had a such a policy.
The ruse becomes quite clear when the same people who refer to babies in the womb as 'tissue mass' now feign offense at the quite accurate description of the 'anchor baby' phenomenon...

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show: Leading Republicans and TV hosts keep spewing inaccuracies about the 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship because they want us to act as if there’s nothing we can do and move on. Now the term anchor baby is being called offensive by the left; it’s because the words have meaning and explain exactly what’s going on. Once a child becomes of age, they can import close family members – also known as chain migration.
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