Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SURVEY: More than two-thirds of Obamacare enrollees unsatisfied with coverage

Say it ain't so? #BigGovernment #FAIL
WT: Obamacare has offered insurance to millions of people, but they’re unhappy with the coverage they’re getting and are particularly upset about the costs, according to a survey released Monday that suggests the health care law continues to struggle to win over Americans.
It's NEVER won over Americans!
Just 30 percent of customers on Obamacare’s exchanges were satisfied with their coverage, the health care research arm of the Deloitte consulting firm said.

Only a quarter of Obamacare customers in the survey were confident that they could get care when they needed it, and just 16 percent felt “financially prepared” to handle future health care costs, Deloitte said.

“Those are not high numbers,” said Paul Lambdin, a director for Deloitte’s work on insurance exchanges and retail practices.

Analysts said it is hard to tell at this point whether dissatisfaction is the inevitable byproduct of a new customer base or whether the law itself has structural problems.
How 'bout BOTH! And 'those are not high numbers' is an understatement-and-a-half. A Big Government TURD is a more accurate description.

If Republicans can ever get their leadership in line, it's well past time to do two things: #DefundObamacare, then #RepealObamacare!

Not that this is a solution, but the Welfare State would've been better off throwing money at Medicare and Medicaid at this point. The thirst for more power to control the people was just too matter the massive failure, waste of money, and (once again, a reoccurring pattern with Dems) a waste of lives.

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