Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another end-run around the GOP Senate: Obama pushes for Iran nuke filibuster

President Obama is scheming with Senate democrats to use a filibuster to prevent a vote on the Iran nuclear agreement. If Mitch McConnell were any kind of leader he would’ve suspended the filibuster for the remainder of Obama’s presidency. ~ ML, 8/27/15
And once again, McConnell and GOP leadership are outmaneuvered by Dem bulbs that everybody outside of Washington had the ability to see coming a mile away. What the hell, Republicans?
Politico: President Barack Obama’s almost certain to get the Iran nuclear deal through Congress — but whether he gets there by filibuster or sustained veto could make all the difference.

A Democratic filibuster in the Senate would be a clear victory for the president, allowing Obama to say that for all the political noise there wasn’t enough actual opposition to the nuclear agreement with the Islamic republic to even get to a final vote.
Levin blasted the GOP tonight, save for one member...
TRS: Obama is trying to turn the tables on Republicans, pushing for a filibuster of the Iran disapproval vote in the Senate so that the up or down vote that he agreed to earlier this year doesn’t even happen. Of course! Republicans made a deal with the devil and now it looks like they are gonna get burned. Corker is angry. So what.

Mark Levin has warned Republicans that Obama couldn’t be trusted on this, as he pointed out tonight, but the Senate GOP leadership and all but one Republican voted to give away the Senate’s power to approve this deal.

I know Ted Cruz said he supported the deal because at least it would give him a chance to vote on the deal. See how that is working out? And he’s got no one to blame but himself and his fellow Republicans if Democrats end up filibustering this vote.

Only Tom Cotton did the right thing here. How pathetic is that?
Truth hurts.

Is it too much to ask Congress to reassert its constitutional authority? Apparently so, even under the weakest president in U.S. history, when you're led by weaker legislative leadership.

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