Thursday, August 6, 2015


"Obama treats his domestic political opponents with more contempt, more distrust, in fact, more straight-out hate, than he does an Islamo-Nazi regime that has as its purpose to get nuclear warheads to put them on ICBMs and threaten the United States of America. The man is screwed up... He has a loose screw. But he's unencumbered...because we're in a post-constitutional period thanks to many people, including him and the Republican leadership in Congress. IF THEY HAD NOT SURRENDERED THE POWER OF THE TREATY PROCESS, THIS WOULD BE DEFEATED! If they had not surrendered it, he wouldn't be so cocky! He wouldn't be so all damn sure of himself, would he?! Because he'd need 2/3rds of the members of the Senate present to get ratification. And instead we have to watch a conga line of Republicans go on tv, complain about what Obama is doing, when in fact, they created the scenario for what Obama is doing. The most dangerous threat that America faces isn't China, isn't Russia, isn't even the Islamo-Nazis. The greatest threat America faces is Barack Obama."
This post-American, post-constitutional president is thrusting us into global catastrophe...
TRS: Mark Levin eviscerated Obama [last night] saying there will be war thanks to what he and John Kerry are doing with Iran. He called Obama’s speech today ‘another Castro-like’ speech filled with lies and arrogance and pointed out at the end of his monologue that the most dangerous threat this country faces isn’t from China, Russia, or the Islamo-Nazis.

"Iran does not have nuclear missiles today, but THEY WILL as a result of this deal that Obama has cut and these side agreements that this administration claims they haven't read..."
Where Reagan said, 'Trust, but verify,' Obama says it's not about either, but what 'I want' for the enemy. And his sycophants like Kerry, along with a host of lapdog media types, march to the beat of his imperial step, pining for the American demise that they believe will make the world better off. This president, this administration chooses to voluntarily wade into the quicksand and illegally, unconstitutionally, unilaterally cut deals with sworn enemies of America that put her in harms way and make the whole world more dangerous, over doing the singular job of protecting their own homeland.

Anyone in Congress that votes for this is signing on to do the same thing.
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show: We have the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time in American history with President Obama. The seeds of World War III have been planted, and we have very few ways to stop it because of a lack of political opposition and a judiciary that’s thrown in with Obama. The Obama administration has covered up the true nature of the Islamo-nazi regime for too long. It’s time for courageous members of Congress from both parties to stand up and tell Obama no.
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