Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The criminality of illegal immigration & 'sanctuary' status is costing American lives

Why do we invite more criminality to our shores? Moreover, why does our increasingly all-powerful, centralized government mandate decisions that should clearly be left up to the states under the 9th & 10th Amendments, while simultaneously refusing to enforce (whether federally or through the states) their basic national obligation of immigration enforcement, and thus national sovereignty and security? You know why: Democrats want votes, Republicans want cheap labor. And both will allow the illegal influx to continue at the price of American lives.

Meanwhile, the White House wouldn't comment on the murder of Kate Steinle by a 7-time felon illegal alien (which lives matter?), only to later blame the GOP as usual, while DHS dodges the questioning of 'sanctuary cities' following this latest murder, and Dem's top candidate, Hillary Clinton, continues support of sanctuary policies that protect these dangerous illegals...and would expand them! Our political leaders, from both sides of the aisle, won't discuss illegal alien crime...

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show: We need a national discussion about immigration and the enormous amount of crime being committed by illegal aliens. Republican governors with “executive experience” were never affected by illegal immigration, which is why they’re all piling on Donald Trump’s comments. President Obama won’t talk about it because he won’t take responsibility for not taking border security seriously. People in favor of border security are always deemed as racists but it’s not about stopping people – it’s about stopping criminals. No country has to put up what America is going through with endless waves of illegal immigration, especially not Mexico, who actually enforces their laws. We’re now a sanctuary nation with no deportation policy.
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States and cities across the nation are allowed to break federal law under 'sanctuary' status, yet states and cities aren't allowed to decide for themselves on whether they want Obamacare or gay marriage or any number of agenda items from the leftist grab-bag. Everything's foist on the taxpaying citizen according to whichever way the political winds blow at any given moment.
100%FedUp: Many cities across America have sanctuary city status so illegals are protected from federal laws and are free to illegally be in America. With Obama and his ICE policy we really have a SANCTUARY NATION.

The alleged murderer was free because of a local policy and state law that prevent cooperation with federal immigration detainers—and because of a federal government that encourages such disobedience.

President Obama showed himself perfectly capable of confronting states that go their own way on immigration policy. But Obama has never challenged California’s defiance.
And he won't, because that defies the agenda. Meanwhile, we're forced to play a high-stakes game of daily dodgeball with one incident after another...
BizPacReview: With last week’s killing of a young woman in San Francisco by an illegal alien who’d been deported five times only to return, word comes now of an illegal alien with an unbelievable six deportations who was back in the United States and stoned behind the wheel of an SUV when he nearly killed a young family in a Fourth of July crash in Arizona.

According to Fox 10 in Phoenix, Manuel Perez-Vasquez, a 29-year-old Mexican, would have run head-on into the car driven by a woman with two small children aboard if the woman hadn’t swerved to avoid him on a rural road outside Maricopa.

The fact is, YES, illegal immigration and 'stupid sanctuary law' can KILL innocent Americans...

Example after example prove that we have a growing problem with illegal crime:
And not just against whites...

Feb. 2015:
"Do black lives really matter, or does it matter only if you are shot by a white person or a white policeman?"

Nov. 2012:
"The key to this whole thing is stop the denial, stop the alliances of [minorities]...if this was white folks committing these lynchings to us in South Central, what's going on, there would be an outrage in this country. ... This would not be tolerated if this was white-on-black crime... My answer to you sir [is] we don't need any new laws. Enforce the ones we've got."

The Left wants to pretend as if concern over this issue is nothing more than hysteria, while too many on the Right seemingly cower. All the while, both have their own ulterior motives, as previously mentioned. Silicon Valley, the Chamber of Commerce, among a plethora of other special interest entities encourage non-assimilation and lawlessness for the sake of lining their own pockets in a globalized utopia. And this is a legacy which was handed over from a former corporatist Republican administration to the current Marxist Democratic successor(s)...both a party to welcoming an invasion that's balkanizing our country and ripping our sovereignty apart...

It's not racist, bigoted, xenophobic or anti-anything to point these things out and to demand order restored. It is however lunacy to continue ignoring this flagrant criminality at the cost of more American lives.

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ADDENDUM: In lieu of real border security and immigration enforcement, John Walsh has an extremely simple solution that would prevent so many of these illegal alien crimes...
TRS: I know what you’re all going to say – the simple solution is to deport all illegals. Well… that’s right. But, being as the Republican party is controlled by business interests who want cheap labor and the Democrat party is owned by cultural Marxist interests who want to destroy America and get more race-based votes, well… here’s a pretty simple solution that avoids both those sand traps.

A felony registry for illegal aliens wouldn’t really be all that difficult to implement, and it would keep officials from playing the blame game between ICE and city officials like San Francisco did in the recent illegal alien murder. Those of use who want absolute border control face intense headwinds from our spineless leaders, but this is something I think most Americans would agree on.
This is a very workable solution! The only drawback to such a solution is its oversight by an administration that refuses to enforce our country's immigration policy.

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