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Obama, Iran and nuke deal: a rendezvous with disaster (ADDENDUMS)

Elections have consequences. And we lost 2012, so Iran gets to have billions of dollars and become a nuke factory for the terrorist Middle East. ~ TRS
We've suffered through the consequences of two elections now under this imperial president...and now the pain continues, spreading to our allies also, as Obama chooses Iran's interest over America's.
NBCNews: Iran and world powers have reached a historic deal under which Tehran will curb its nuclear program in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions...

Tehran has been negotiating with the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China for years, with diplomats extending a series of deadlines in hopes of arriving at a workable plan.

The deal overcame stiff opposition from close U.S. allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia, who say Iran cannot be trusted with a nuclear program of any kind.

After marathon overnight negotiations in Vienna, diplomats clinched the comprehensive agreement — the text of which runs more than 80 pages.

It involves limiting Iran’s nuclear production for 10 years and Tehran’s access to nuclear fuel and equipment for 15 years in return for hundreds of millions of dollars in sanctions relief. However, the sanctions would not be lifted until Iran proves to the International Atomic Energy Agency that it has met its obligations under the terms of the deal.
Of course Russia and China (suppliers) are fine with it...the rest are suckers. Israel and Saudi Arabia, from both perspectives, can clearly see where this is heading: disaster. And 10-15 years with sanctions lifted & billions flooding into the Islamo-Nazi regime guarantee it. And there's of course Obama's guarantee of failure, as he's not telling America the whole truth about this raw deal...
TRS: Everything about this terrible Iran deal hinges on the fact that inspectors can verify that Iran is following the terms of the deal. And this morning, Obama is making it sound like inspectors can do just that, saying they will have 24/7 access to Iran’s nuclear facilities who will go where and when necessary to verify Iran is in compliance.

But Obama isn’t telling the whole truth. It turns out that if the Iranians have any reservations about inspections (and you know they will), it turns into this arbitration mess that lasts for 24 days before any inspector can set foot into the facility they want to inspect.
Haaretz: According to the agreement, UN inspectors will be able to enter any suspect facility in Iran within a maximum period of 24 days. Iran will be able to present reservations to the IAEA’s requests to visit suspicious facilities. In such cases, a special arbitration committee will be established to make a decision. The committee will include representatives of the six world powers, Iran and the European Union. Iran will be in the minority, with only Russia and China holding positions close to Tehran’s.

The arbitration committee will convene within two weeks after Iran presents its reservations, and will have to discuss the issue and make a decision within seven days. If the committee decides in a vote to reject the Iranian reservations, Iran will have three days to arrange the inspectors’ visit to the suspicious facility. The inspectors who would be allowed access to the nuclear facilities and the suspicious sites in Iran will come only from states with which Iran has diplomatic relations. U.S. inspectors will not be allowed to enter the facilities.
Two weeks of arbitration plus seven days to make a decision plus three days for Iran to arrange access to their facilities gives Iran 24 days, almost an entire month to hide whatever they are doing that they don’t want the inspectors to see.

Why don’t we just give Iran and a nuclear weapon and get it over with, because this deal certainly isn’t going to prevent Iran from doing whatever they want with respect to their nuclear program.
It's up to Congress to stop this, but remember, Levin already exposed how the Senate GUTTED its own constitutional treaty power and GAVE IT TO OBAMA! So if by some miracle, Republicans, who run both houses of Congress now, grow a stiffer spine than they've shown facing off against this imperial/racialist/Marxist president over the past six years, they've still already handicapped themselves. Obama knows that and has said as much...
NYT: Mr. Obama, in an early morning appearance at the White House that was broadcast live in Iran, began what promised to be an arduous effort to sell the deal to Congress and the American public, saying the agreement is “not built on trust — it is built on verification.”

Mr. Obama made it abundantly clear that he would fight to preserve the deal from critics in Congress who are beginning a 60-day review, declaring, “I will veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of this deal.”

Almost as soon as the agreement was announced, to cheers in Vienna and on the streets of Tehran, its harshest critics said it would ultimately empower Iran rather than limit its capability. Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called it a “historic mistake” that would create a “terrorist nuclear superpower.”
Mauling a phrase from the Gipper again. So goes the propaganda push now, like every other piece of his wretched agenda. Obama's had years to hatch this rotten egg, yet Congress cripples itself with only 60 days that inevitably won't matter, because Obama has already imposed his will on any and all American opposition. And this liberal fascism, like all of this president and party's degenerative agenda, supported by the media, cowered to by congressional Repubics, yet again passes for a fair deal.

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ADDENDUM: Both on radio and on Hannity last night, Levin attests that President Barack Obama has planted the seeds for World War III...

Mark Levin opened his show tonight saying that Barack Obama has planted the seeds for World War III and sealed the fate of the next generation. Levin pointed out that he believes the next big war will now be in the Middle East and it will be horrific, especially with other countries arming up with nukes to protect themselves from Islamo-Nazi regime in Iran who constantly chants ‘death to Israel’, ‘death to America’. And Levin says they mean it. ~ source

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ADDENDUM II: Levin also had words on Wednesday for quisling RINOs who aided Obama in neutering Congress's treaty powers...
TheDC: Conservative radio host Mark Levin unleashed on Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain Wednesday, after The Daily Caller told him McCain claimed the Senate had no ability to advice and consent on the nuclear deal the Obama administration made with Iran.

Sponsored in April by chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 came under scrutiny by conservatives, like National Review’s Andrew McCarthy, who say that such an international agreement is not binding because the Constitution requires that Congress approve it by one of two ways—either by supermajority approval by two-thirds of the Senate or enactment through the legislative process.

The Corker bill provided a process for neither but received an overwhelming majority of support from Senate Republicans. As a result of the passage of the bill, President Obama would no longer need a 2/3 super majority approval from the Senate to ratify the Iran deal.

Sen. McCain defended his vote for the Corker bill telling The Daily Caller Wednesday. “That’s the only thing that they could pass. This is the only way you could pass anything because the Democrats weren’t going to agree to anything else,” he said.
Notice how all McCain's concerned with is passing something, anything. Never mind that this falls to generations beyond McCain's decrepit carcass, affecting their lives, their security and eventually their future conflicts. Pathetic.

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ADDENDUM III: via Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show:
It’s amazing how Democrats nuke up terrorist regimes, first with President Bill Clinton with North Korea and now with President Obama and Iran. Iran’s military is no match for America’s but Obama is making Iran look powerful because he refuses to stand up to them. President Reagan negotiated with the Soviets because they already had nukes, not to give them more, and even walked away from the negotiating table. He would have never cut a deal with a third-world terrorist regime spreading terrorism, which is exactly what Obama has done. If the Senate had real Republican leadership, it would’ve treated any agreement with Iran as a treaty. Just because Obama says it’s not a treaty doesn’t mean the Senate has to capitulate. We cannot leave it up to one man to decide the fate of our nation; that’s not how the Constitution is supposed to work.

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