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Prelude to Levin's 'Plunder and Deceit': Understanding how the Ruling disparage the Rising

We need to stop the lefts destruction of our children and grandchildren. Just look how the Obama’s and the Boehner’s are destroying their kids future’s with massive debt and entitlements. ~ ML, 7/29/15
The countdown has begun! Less than a week to go before the release of Mark Levin's pivotal new book, Plunder and Deceit: Big Government's Exploitation of Young People and the Future.
“The mission of this book, as in my past books, is to persuade as many fellow citizens as possible, through scholarship, facts, and ideas, to avert a looming tragedy — not a Greek Tragedy of the theater and mind, but a real and devastating American tragedy, the loss of the greatest republic known to mankind.” ~ Mark Levin, from “Plunder and Deceit — Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future”
In modern America, the civil society is being steadily devoured by a ubiquitous federal government. But as the government grows into an increasingly authoritarian and centralized federal Leviathan, many parents continue to tolerate, if not enthusiastically champion, grievous public policies that threaten their children and successive generations with a grim future at the hands of a brazenly expanding and imploding entitlement state poised to burden them with massive debt, mediocre education, waves of immigration, and a deteriorating national defense.

Yet tyranny is not inevitable. In Federalist 51, James Madison explained with cautionary insight the essential balance between the civil society and governmental restraint: “In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.”

This essential new book is, against all odds, a likeminded appeal to reason and audacity—one intended for all Americans but particularly the rising generation. Younger people must find the personal strength and will to break through the cycle of statist manipulation, unrelenting emotional overtures, and the pressure of groupthink, which are humbling, dispiriting, and absorbing them; to stand up against the heavy hand of centralized government, which if left unabated will assuredly condemn them to economic and societal calamity.

Levin calls for a new civil rights movement, one that will foster liberty and prosperity and cease the exploitation of young people by statist masterminds. He challenges the rising generation of younger Americans to awaken to the cause of their own salvation, asking: will you acquiesce to a government that overwhelmingly acts without constitutional foundation—or will you stand in your own defense so that yours and future generations can live in freedom?
And the review circuit has already lit up with the voices that matter, not simply fawning over and praising his new work, though deserving, but most importantly digging into critical examinations of Levin's takeaway message, particularly aimed at younger generations...
AmericanSpectator/Jeoffrey Lord: A flashing red light for America's rising generation.

Uncanny: Mark Levin has done it again. Six years ago, Mark’s Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto appeared, quite coincidentally with the lift-off of the Tea Party. In an instant L&T became what then-Congresswoman Michele Bachmann called the party’s “intellectual foundation.”

Now comes Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future. A frightening look into exactly what today’s thoughtless and greedy ruling generation of Americans are leaving behind for the next generation — their own children.

AmericanThinker/Thomas Lifson: Once again Mark Levin, the constitutional scholar and radio talk show host, has written an important book that should be in the library of every thoughtful conservative. But this book is different, in that thoughtful conservatives should buy multiple copies and bestow the extras on younger people they care about. For in its essence, this book is a call to arms for the generation that will inherit the wreckage being created by what Levin calls the “ruling generation” – the holders of political power and those who sustain them in office. The younger age cohorts are the people whose future has been “plundered” (Levin’s choice of title is apt) by the policies advanced by progressives and acquiesced to by establishment Republicans.

The “deceit” part of the title comes into play in the way that the plunder has been disguised through artful choice of labels (the Social Security ‘trust fund” that doesn’t exist), misdirection (focusing on the “rights” of those who trespass across our border) and unwillingness to face facts by the political class and the media and academic power structures.

Levin explains the plunder and vanquishes the deceit in a series of lucidly presented and meticulously documented chapters arranged by thematic topics.

Breitbart/Stephen K. Bannon: Radio host Mark Levin’s new book warns America about the impending crisis that will doom the next generation.

In the summer of our discontent — a summer marked by gay marriage, the battle flag, Obamacare, trade deals, immigration — Mark Levin delivers a fabulous broadside against the Left and an out-of-control government.

Levin’s sixth book is a “fire bell in the night” to our nation, especially its young people, about the attack on liberty and prosperity and the coming crisis, manufactured by a Leviathan-like government, that threatens to swallow future generations.

Breitbart/John Hayward: Radio host, commentator and legal expert Mark Levin has a particularly vile form of “plunder and deceit” in his sights, throughout his new book of the same name: inter-generational theft. The ruling generation is robbing the rising generation blind.

He’s hardly blind to all the other Big Government plunder going on, but in every chapter he returns to the ruling vs. rising generational conflict, urging young people to wake up and pull the political burglar alarms before they are wiped out. He knows this is an uphill battle, because so many liberal positions have been made fashionable to the very same young people whose future is being stolen by statism.

Breitbart/Joel Pollak: In his recent broadcasts, talk radio host and conservative author and litigator Mark R. Levin has told his listeners that the subtitle of his new book, Plunder and Deceit, is even more important than the title.

The subtitle reads: “Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future.” This is a book written about, and for, the young Americans who were so important to Barack Obama’s election and re-election–and who are the main victims of his policies, which have exacerbated the nation’s fiscal crisis and eroded public trust in the political system itself.

ConservativeReview/Daniel Horowitz: “The millennial generation will be the death of conservatism in America.”

That is more or less the conventional wisdom among establishment Republicans who believe conservatives need to become liberals on most issues if they want to survive in the long run. Even most conservatives have written off younger voters with the assumption that this seemingly brainwashed generation of Obama-era progressivism is incorrigibly lost.

While he doesn’t wear skinny jeans or watch MTV, constitutional lawyer and radio show host Mark Levin wants us all to know that we mustn’t lose our youth, nor do we have to. And his message in Plunder and Deceit is the perfect blueprint for winning them back, a superlative instruction and communications manual for turning the biggest political liability for conservatives into the biggest asset.

ConventionOfStates/Mark Meckler: I just finished a galley copy of Mark Levin's new book, Plunder and Deceit; Big Government's Exploitation of Young People and the Future. He's done it again. It's an easy and compelling read, written specifically for what he calls "The Rising Generation." It's a call to younger Americans to wake up and face reality.

He goes through many of the major challenges facing America today: The Debt, Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare, Education, Immigration, Environment, Minimum Wage, National Security, and the Constitution.

The final chapter is a compelling call for a New Civil Rights Movement.

"What is required is a New Civil Rights Movement -- not of the sort that exists today, which has been co-opted by statists, is often led by hucksters, and serves as a surrogate and advocate for centralized government and its pervasive agenda. But a truly new civil rights movement organized around fostering liberty and prosperity for younger people and future generations and against their continued exploitation."

TheDC/Peter Ferrara: The American people can see President Obama’s fundamental transformation of America, and they are quite rightly worried about the resulting future for their children. In his eye-opening new book, Plunder and Deceit, Mark Levin explains the future President Obama’s so-called “progressives” are building for your kids.

Forget about the American Dream. That was the promise of the original, untransformed America, built by centuries of world leading, history breaking, compounding economic growth. Through that vision of America’s Founding Fathers, America grew to become the richest, most prosperous, and consequently most powerful nation in world history.

Churchill explained that the great vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. But the great virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery. That is the future that Obama’s progressives are building for your kids. Plunder and deceit are exactly how those so-called progressives are winning that future today.

Jen Kuznicki: As a regular American, working in a skilled trade, I have learned more from Mark’s books than I would ever have studied on my own, nor probably would have encountered day to day. His books are relatively short, but jam-packed with information about economics and history, the effects of government regulation, the restrictions that government interference places on the individual, and each book seems to build upon one or all of the others.

In Plunder and Deceit, I see an extension of Liberty and Tyranny, a generous sprinkling of Ameritopia, some of Men in Black, and still manages to be its own book which perhaps should be miniaturized so that you can have all the information you need when you address your State Representatives about the theme of his book, The Liberty Amendments.

The book is tailored to address the younger generations of Americans who already exhibit a healthy streak of independence, and are the main targets of the national and even global forces that stand in their way. Tolerant, and not averse to discussion, the “rising generation” benefits from the book’s wealth of information which is necessary to present the case for a reversal of the “governing generation’s” catastrophic direction.

NRO/Kevin Williamson: One of the pleasanter chores in my life is signing books. And you learn a little something about the people who read your books by what they ask you to write in them. The most common request I get is to write something on the order of, “Dear Caitlyn, your parents are giving you this book for your high-school graduation so that you’ll be ready for all the nonsense your professors will start throwing at you next year,” or, “Don’t believe everything you hear in college.” Apparently, my books frequently are given as graduation gifts, which pleases me very much. But the underlying issue is that parents are very worried about their children, particularly about their education.

Mark Levin doesn’t need my help selling books, but if you are one of those concerned parents, his forthcoming book, which bears the no-frills title Plunder and Deceit, should be on your reading list and in your children’s back-to-school basket. It is a bracing meditation on how federal policies are undermining the future of the generation currently in school—the awful education system, the mountain of debt and unfunded liabilities, the terrifying turn toward authoritarianism. He is particularly interesting on the subject of civil society and the ways in which political intrusion is undermining our most important institutions.

PJMedia/Hans A. von Spakovsky: Levin sends a message to the generation least likely to have heard any of these warnings yet.

Mark Levin’s new book will no doubt be a bestseller, just like his previous offerings. But his latest work should be required reading for every recent college or high school grad just starting to make his way in the world, as well as every American voter.

Levin explains in elegant, but easy to understand terms just how Washington and the elites who infest the nation’s capital are stealing our future. Woven into his narrative are both his original analysis of the corruption of our modern state and thoughts on liberty and freedom from great statesmen like James Madison and Edmund Burke.

As Levin says, the “unraveling” of our civil society is “intensifying.”

WashingtonExaminer/Paul Bedard: Decrying the "unraveling" of civil society spurred by a spendthrift Federal government and policies that let illegal immigrants rob jobs, top-ranked radio talker Mark R. Levin is calling on millennials to unleash a "New Civil Rights Movement" to take back their "liberty and prosperity."

In his new book, Plunder and Deceit, the popular conservative author and constitutional champion warns that if left unchecked, policies put in place by the Obama administration and the rest of Washington will choke younger Americans, leaving them with a poorer quality of life than their parents have.
The book's official release date is next Tuesday, August 4th...or as Levin has reminded us numerous times, Obama's birthday coincidentally! Also of note is this date falls two days before the first GOP presidential debateFitting on both accounts.

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