Friday, July 17, 2015

Obama, Kerry plan to bypass Congress on Iran nuke deal, Corker 'stunned', Cruz calls them on it (UPDATE)

Obama is circumventing Congress entirely by going to the U.N. Security Council. Once the deal is approved there, Obama will say Congress can’t reverse the deal. Obama and John Kerry have their agreement; Congress is now irrelevant. ~ ML, 7/16/15
More bad news in the way of our own administrative undermining comes to light on this dud deal to nuke up Iran. Putting the pieces together, Levin laid out how Obama is orchestrating an end-run around Congress on the Iranian nuke deal, starting with Kerry spilling the beans to a reporter...

While dumbasses like Bob Corker feign 'stunned' betrayal, one actual statesman is determined to act, despite the media unpopularity of challenging the despotic One...
FreeBeacon: Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) is moving to block future State Department funding and nominees unless President Barack Obama guarantees that Congress will have the authority to fully review a recently inked nuclear accord with Iran before the deal is approved by the United Nations, according to a copy of a letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Cruz, a vocal opponent of the administration’s diplomacy with Iran, maintains that the White House is seeking to circumvent congressional review of the deal by going straight to the U.N.

Such a move could lift key sanctions on Iran before Congress has had the chance to fully review and vote on the deal.

Cruz says the United States should not be backing any U.N. action until Congress fulfills its legal role in reviewing—and potentially rejecting—the deal, which will provide Iran with billions of dollars in economic relief.

Under the parameters of the deal, the United States and other global powers have agreed to rollback U.N. restrictions on Iran’s importation of weapons and previous obligations to fully halt uranium enrichment work, heavy water work relevant to the development of a plutonium-based weapon, and the construction of ballistic missiles.

Cruz says none of these restrictions should be lifted before Congress has fully reviewed and voted on the deal. Legislators have legally been given 60 days to do this.

However, the nuclear deal inked in Vienna this week makes no mention of the law giving Congress the power to review the deal. Instead, it assumes that Congress has already signed off.

Cruz is threatening to block new funding for the State Department and withhold all of its nominees from approval until Obama guarantees that no U.N. action will be taken before Congress performs its oversight role.
As he should, as should many others. But we'll see who steps up to the plate to show any semblance of principle left within the Republican body politic.

And if I might point out one glaring issue to Corker, McCain, McConnell and their ilk...that little notation that 'Legislators have legally been given 60 days' to review and vote on the deal...yeah, that's you're damn faults when you fools surrendered Congress's treaty powers! Such quislings destroying their own damn party and the country along with it.

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ADDENDUM: Oh, and to shovel on more insult, the nitwit over at the State Dept. (yeah, I know, there are so many!) divulged a secret of her own: NO AMERICANS ALLOWED on the inspection team!
GP: This wasn’t a nuclear deal – This was a surrender
Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice, of Benghazi fame, went on CNN to promote the P5+1 nuclear deal with the Iranian regime.

During the discussion Rice admitted that NO AMERICAN EXPERTS will be allowed in to inspect the Iranian nuclear sites.

Iran will also have $100 billion to spend on military operations in the region.

What could possibly go wrong?
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UPDATE: As Levin warned yesterday, so Obama fast-tracks today, doubling down on using the UN to undermine Congress, our Constitution and America...
Obama and Sec. of State John Kerry are racing to the U.N. Security Council with the Iran nuclear agreement before they even brief members of Congress. They’ve scheduled a vote first thing Monday morning to push it through and render Congress useless. Now Congress has nowhere to go, and they did this to themselves by surrendering so much power to Obama. We have a Constitutional process that’s supposed to be followed; it doesn’t matter what the world supports, but what We The People support, and we need to get back to that. ~ ML, 7/17/15
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