Thursday, July 9, 2015

Not evidence of racism, but of how far we've come

So the Boehner-esque crocodile tears have taken down the Confederate battle flag over the S.C. capitol building, while the intolerant rainbow-colored one flies high across the land and nothing much is said of another southern flag that inundates our periphery. So blows the wind of political correctness (and that could provide an entirely other conversation on how far we've gone astray, but that for another time).

While the narratives continue to deviate from the actual issues, I don't suppose our current Prez or his sycophants would ever understand a better message...say, Unity?

Well, Kira Davis has an impressive monologue on race in America, both exemplifying how far we’ve come as a nation and what it would be like if we actually had a president that unified the country instead of dividing it. Bullseye!
"Charleston is not evidence of how racist we are, Charleston is evidence of how far we’ve come as a country."

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