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'Gun Free Zones' and immigration influx play their roles in Chattanooga terror attack

Domestic terrorist attacks by people born in the Middle East used to never happen, but today they’ve become common-place because of our immigration rules. Four defenseless Marines were murdered in Chattanooga, TN at the hands of an Islamic domestic terrorist. Our military personnel and police need to be armed at all times, and so do the rest of us, because these attacks will continue under current liberal policies and a porous border. President Obama seems to believe that our own military and police shouldn’t carry weapons, but trusts Islamo-nazis with nukes and ICBMs. The left is not about compassion at all when it comes to immigration; they’re willing to take some hits like this in order to push their agenda. Our politicians in Washington aren’t leaders – they’re politicians too busy positioning themselves for more power to put America first. ~ ML, 7/16/15

In the aftermath of yet another terrorist act against our military on American soil, two questions come to mind. First, how can we as a society accept the protection of our money and politicians with firearms, yet neglect the same care towards our more valuable resources of our precious children or our honorable men and women in uniform? And in the latter case of our military personnel, they have the ability to do so themselves!
Breitbart: After gunman Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a Muslim immigrant from Kuwait, allegedly shot and killed four Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, former NYPD detective Harry Houck said the military’s “gun-free zone” mindset has to change.

Speaking to CNN Newsroom, Houck said, “I’m a Marine. And this really is hitting me a little harder here than normal that [these Marines] weren’t able to protect themselves at the time this occurred.”

“We need people that are armed,” he added. He also said that even if that means getting armed guards, then so be it; something has to change.

The Tennessean reports that Abdulazeez pulled in front of a recruiting location, shared by various military branches, and shot holes through the “doors and glass… [of] the… Air Force, Navy and Marine offices.” He allegedly did this while sitting in his car.

Ironically, one of the earliest post-attack photos of the recruiting center shows shattered glass and bullet holes by the very sign that designated the office a gun free zone.

The Tennessean also reports that “within minutes” of the first attack, Abdulazeez allegedly opened fire on “the Navy Operational Support Center and Marine Corps Reserve Center Chattanooga.” The operational center is about seven miles from the recruiting offices where the attack began.

Houck pointed out that the police were in pursuit of the gunman when he began the second attack “and he still got… rounds off.” Houck praised the police for their bravery and commitment, but stressed again that the Marines inside the center simply had no way to respond to Abdulazeez’s attack; they had no means with which to defend themselves.
Secondly comes the broader issue of immigration. Setting the separate matter of our illegal problem south of the border aside for a moment, which is an assimilation catastrophe in its own right, and in part plays a role in the point I want to can we as a nation sustain Western civilization, much less our American heritage, while doubling down on the rate of immigration from parts of the world that hold vastly contrary ideologies to American culture (both on the modern & traditional senses)? And in all too regularly occuring instances as of late, including those who harbor a hatred towards the very country that they've apparently come to change?!
CR: The deadly terror attack that killed four Marines in Chattanooga will undoubtedly weigh on Americans sitting around the dinner table tonight and present questions for many heading into the weekend. Why have we not learned the lessons of 9/11?

This past month, liberals looked throughout the country to destroy every last vestige of Civil War history in the pursuit of a peaceful utopia. In the state of Tennessee, liberals are in the process of disinterring the grave of confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. But nobody is willing to discuss the biggest existential threat to our national security, despite yet another sad reminder with the Islamic terror attack that killed four Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee yesterday.

When are we going to stop letting in Islamic terrorists through our front door?

In an open country, we will always have criminal threats from a portion of our native population. There is a limit to what can be done to prevent violent attacks. But immigration is elective. It is optional. We should never be admitting entire classes of people from the most volatile Islamic countries at a time like this.

After 9/11, when the bipartisan 9/11 Commission identified the obvious root cause of the attack as an immigration problem, we doubled down on stupidity. The U.S. has admitted roughly 1.6 million individuals from predominantly Muslim countries since 9/11 – twice the rate of immigration from that part of the world relative to the previous decade.

The Islamic terrorist who murdered four marines at a recruiting station, Mohammad Youssduf Adbulazeer, was an immigrant from Kuwait. Let’s be honest, not a single person has been killed in this country in recent history from a killer acquiring inspiration from the confederate flag and generals. Yet, we have had countless Islamic terror attacks on our soil since 9/11 that have been directly inspired by the Islamic ideology and the teachings of Sharia.

We could joke about the lack of outrage and desire to ban Islamic paraphernalia and flags in light of the Chattanooga attack with the same alacrity the Left exhibited following the Charleston shooting. But the more serious question is why we won’t address the core issue of Islamic immigration. Talk about “immigration reform,” for once!
And again, that translates to immigration ENFORCEMENT!

Washington politicians' lawless open-border policies and power-hungry desires to disarm the law-abiding are literally KILLING us. It's gotta end...this has to STOP.
Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are household names thanks to President Obama and the media, but they’ll never do the same for the four Marines murdered in Chattanooga, TN. By this time next week we’ll be on to the next superficial issue that Obama and the left flop into the media arena. Not a single policy will be changed as a result of this horrific slaughter; it will just be forgotten until the next attack. Obama and the Democrat party have a responsibility for events like these by spreading poison and hatred for America. We no longer practice assimilation in America, but balkanization. ~ ML, 7/17/15
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The four U.S. Marines who were murdered yesterday by the Islamo-Nazi in Chattanooga have now been identified as Lance Corporal Skip Wells, 21, Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan, 40, Staff Sgt. David Wyatt, 38, and Sgt. Carson A. Holmquist, 27.

Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan joined the Marines in 1997. He served in India Battery Third Battalion, 14th Marines and fought in the 2005 battle of Abu Ghraib where he earned a combat action ribbon and a Purple Heart. He also earned a second Purple Heart in Iraq. He has two siblings and no children.

Lance Corporal Skip Wells graduated high school in Marietta, GA in 2012 whose mom was a single mother and drove the school bus. He was also a devout Christian and a musician. You can read about that here.

Sgt. Carson A. Holmquist was the Battery Motor Transport Chief. He was living in Jacksonville, NC with his wife and child, but he was originally from Wisconsin.

Staff Sgt. David Wyatt was the Operations Chief responsible for direct fire control. He live in Chattanooga with his wife Laurie and their two children.
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