Thursday, April 24, 2014

Too many Republicans wrong on illegal immigration; one more reason we need a NEW Republican Party!

From Jeb Bush to Rick Perry to even Rand Paul...they're all WRONG on illegal immigration, period!
tRS: Mark Levin exposes a new pro-amnesty push in the Republican Party that centers around Illinois and includes Republicans Adam Kinzinger, Aaron Schock, and former House Speaker Dennis Hastert. They are calling for a “clear path to citizenship” for illegals already here and a “fair and efficient on-ramp” for immigrants who want to come here. Of course this push is being sponsored by big business in Illinois.

After exposing this crony-Republican push for amnesty, a disgusted Mark Levin said this:
"It is time for a new Republican Party, a vibrant Republican Party; the party that grew out as an anti-slavery party; an anti-segregation party; a pro-individual liberty party’ a pro-free market, private property rights, and most of all a Constitution party. It is time for that party because the existing Republican Party is nothing of the kind!"

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Immigration is the hot topic once again as the Republican leadership is telling us they don't plan on fighting amnesty, and appear to be endorsing it. We are the ones that have to keep subsidizing illegal immigrants on a local, state, and federal level - when they are the ones that are breaking the laws. There's no incentive for people to come here anymore and legally become citizens when they are being offered nearly everything for being illegal. This is just another example of an increasingly aggressive government.
Levin continues to voice his frustration with the current GOP and has been adamant about the need for a new Republican Party. I couldn't agree more, because this current one stands for nothing but mush...

As an aside, here's a 'BTW'...WTH is wrong with Rand? In addition to being wrong on illegal immigration, here's a few more of his latest stubs:
Rand Paul: Republicans may have over-emphasized voter fraud
Master Cut: Rand Paul Suggests Jimmy Carter Better than Ronald Reagan on Budget
Had such high hopes...oh well. Apparently, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

But one thing's for certain, these Republicans that are going along with the Democrats on this amnesty push for the Chamber of Commerce and K Street's sakes (or rather, their money) are shooting themselves in the foot come the not-so-distant election cycles, both 2014 midterms and for 2016 presidential campaign alike.

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