Thursday, April 24, 2014

'Clinton vs. Bush' is NOT the way to improve America

I've been thinking about how to approach this one for the past couple of weeks, likely due to the media construct of it all. That should inform us enough about this volatile concoction alongside the establishment of both parties. It's set to fail from the start. Furthermore, didn't we already do Clinton vs. Bush? Remember how that went? And these two aren't even of that caliber (if you can even frame it in those terms!). I don't think we need either of these dynastic families back in the White House.

Between Mr. Crossing the border illegally is an 'act of love', another so-called 'compassionate conservative,' and Mrs. Speaking Frenzy (or Benghazi, what difference does it make!), we're screwed either way! Nevertheless, Hillary's "thinking about it," as is Jeb thinking about running for president. Yet, only 15% of Americans want Jeb Bush to run for President. So, let me spell out how that's gonna work: Hillary Clinton wins!

If the Republican establishment could pull their collective heads out of their proverbial asses for a moment and back a principled conservative for a primary season (you know, like they've asked us to back their past two failed presidential candidates!), it'd do the country, and the party, immensely well. After all, my generation who's never received a chance to vote for a conservative President, might be astonished at how quickly the country begins to rebound when you restore the People's Liberty with an adherence to the constitutional rule of law and free-market economics.

But I can guarantee, you're not gonna get any of that with either of these fools. They'll only exacerbate the problems that the last Bush and the current Obama have created.

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