Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue state special

Rush asked this morning if the GOP presidential race is over, then where's the party unity? Where's the positive ads about Romney's record? And why are some supposed conservative outlets still attacking Rick Santorum?

Presidential politics on the Republican side, conventional wisdom: it's over. Romney has it in the bag, conventional wisdom. Because we're now at the blue state stage of the Republican primary, and it's only natural to conclude that Romney will win. Why is that? 'Cause they're more moderate, right. And liberal, right. And that helps us how? It doesn't? Oh. Okay. So, the conventional wisdom is it's over. Romney is gonna steal it all away now. Wisconsin, Maryland, Washington tomorrow. Gonna win it at all. Gonna have a great April because of the lineup of blue states this month. My question -- and this is just me -- I'm not trying to make a big deal out of something here. I'm just curious about tactics and strategy.

Why continue all of the destructive attacks on Santorum? There are a lot of them out there. Fox News, Commentary, National Review Online, I mean they're dumping on Santorum like this race is neck and neck, and I'm wondering why are they still dumping on Santorum if this is all over. Why all the negative columns and comments and ads? It's over, right? Where's the healing? Where is the unity? If it's over, where are the more positive ads and columns and comments about Romney's record and campaign? Instead we're getting that his nomination is inevitable; he's the only one that can beat Obama. And, by the way, Santorum sucks. Santorum is horrible. Where's the unity? When's all this negative stuff gonna stop if it's over?

Perhaps when it's time to shake it up like an Etch-A-Sketch towards the general? Rush's comments sound familiarly like Levin's skepticism on Friday's program commenting on the 'rally around Romney' establishment cry, via theRightScoop:

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