Monday, April 23, 2012

The Republican Establishment is on the move against you

I don't think anyone reading this blog has a problem recognizing the direction of the modern Democrat Party. It's march is forward into statism. One which starts with a soft tyranny, but ultimately, as history has proven time and time again, ends with a much harsh form, before its inevitable collapse (however, not before decimating its people). But for now, let's turn to the Republican Party, and in particular, the schism within.

It's no secret that the conservative base of the Republican Party once again, as has occurred multiple times throughout its inception, finds itself at odds with the powerfully entrenched establishment. This has boiled to a head in this election cycle with the search for a GOP presidential candidate who can redirect the nation's current misguided trajectory. Conservatism focuses on the reversal of destructive policies that affect our liberties, reinstituting first principles to control the reigns of government over party power grabs; while the moderation and compromise of the establishment takes a predictable approach of maintenance and reinstitution of power ahead of principled considerations. So, it would seem that at some moment in time, a breaking point might occur, and here's where what Levin talked about in Wednesday's monologue (the establishment's arm now reaching into the Senate elections) comes into a broader perspective on the overall campaign trail.

"Folks, the Republican Establishment is on the move against you. They're fighting Ted Cruz in Texas, oh yes. They're fighting Mourdock in Indiana...they're trying to defeat our candidates. And if we don't have more conservatives in the Senate, you're gonna have more Republican Big Government that you saw under George Bush, with all due respect, and you're going to be very disappointed. The Republican Party will go the way of the Whig Party eventually. But what worries me even more is where's the country gonna go? We don't need Dick Lugar anymore. We need an active, vibrant, confident, serious, consistent, conservative. And if we can't get that at the presidential level, we must get it at the congressional level."

Levin's saying what most of us already know, but I think it's important to note that he's one of the few talking about it and that I emphatically agree with him on this account. I honestly wish he'd continue to make this case at the presidential level while we still have a conservative in the running (Gingrich); but as with many, the establishment has seemingly achieved their commencing ruse that the presidential match is set with their preferred candidate (Romney). The only problem with giving up on that ballgame before it officially ends, is what comes next, because the establishment, similarly like the statists they enable (but with less vigor), never relent when it comes to seeking more power, attacking their shared threats (conservatives), and accelerating authoritarian growth, reaching further into every facet of our lives.

I still affirm that 'aligning with the lesser of two evils is still siding with evil'. And if we're prepared to align ourselves with the all-too-familiar corruptibility of the Republican Establishment, conceding to their guidance before our primary process is even over, before our convention in Tampa commences, over fear, doubt, any array of desperate emotions, for the sake of defeating the greater evil with the lesser of the two, as well as wipe the least conservative candidate's inconsistent record from our memories in a rush to crown a leader, we should not only expect to be deceived if the establishment pulls out a win in the presidential race, but prepare for much of the same to permeate throughout the congressional races, as the establishment's current move reveals. That march towards the cliff may decelerate to a slower trudge, but it will nonetheless continue. Thus, it's no overstatement to say that these are unwise predicaments of our own creation when walking among such foundational cracks and fissures as we face today.

So, I would just end with this message: Though many may have given up on the fight for a conservative in the White House (and good for you if you haven't!), these congressional races certainly can't be allowed to join the same fate. Will you at least remain vigilant in these congressional (and local) elections? For the sake of conservatism, our future generations and the Nation, don't allow the establishment and their allies to trample these as well. Say NO to Big Government, whether led by the Left or the Right.

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