Friday, April 6, 2012

Word of advice to Rubio

With all due respect to Marco Rubio, because I do really like the guy, "Shut up already!" All these GOP politicians and pundits are jockeying (and cheerleading) for Romney, who on his current course, is undeniably coming closer to clinching the nomination. But also undeniable is that we're not there yet. So don't proclaim to the other candidates that they must concede! On the contrary, now is the time that they must coalesce around conservative principles, values & ideas...and most wisely, a single individual if a truly conservative candidate desires the nomination.

Many aren't sold on Romney's candidacy, there's many more states who have yet had a voice in the primaries, and there's been nothing inevitable about this entire process (except for the establishment proclamations). Regardless, this is part of the primary process, and if it comes down to a floor fight at the convention, so be it! There's nothing to fear in following through with this process and choosing the nominee of the Republican majority (unless Romney and his surrogates' fears lie in a convention influenced by Republican delgates alone). Republicans will find a way to come together in the end, if for nothing else than to oust Obama, no matter the brevity preceding the general election.

But perhaps the most crucial questions: Why have a primary process at all, if the nominee is predetermined? Why not just allow the establishment every four years to dub their nominee and force him on the party? Who cares if the base likes him or not?

I don't think this posturing is going to help Romney's case...on the contrary, I think it's more likely to affect the perception of Rubio's integrity and charm (even if his pursuit is for the V.P. slot).

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