Thursday, April 5, 2012

Race hustlers march on

Here's more from our tolerant diversity leaders...NOT!

Marion Barry says 'get the Asians out of DC'.

Jesse Jackson still exploiting the Trayvon fallacy and encouraging black youth to vote...for who? You know who.

But don't count on the media to widely report on these issues...that goes against their contrived racial component. For instance, as Rush pointed out in today's opening monologue, look at how they've destroyed the 'white hispanic' George Zimmerman.

Funny how this racial component festers just in time for the reelection of our first black president, no? Nevermind his destructive Marxist policies. Nope, that's racist to talk about too. Folks, as an American People, we've surpassed the evil throes of slavery and racism; but these race peddlers, along with their willing media cohorts, all of whom are condoned by the current administration, are keeping reverse discrimination and the tension between ethnicities alive and well.

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