Monday, October 3, 2011

So much for that rock

After taking the weekend off and making a concerted effort to immerse myself in other interests, I re-entered Monday with word of a half-baked story about Texas Gov. Rick Perry's hunting camp and a rock with a racially derogatory name that was painted over decades ago. Then to take it one step further, to the media's delight of course, the story was used to bait Herman Cain, the only black presidential candidate in the GOP, into commenting on the scattered rumors of the rock.  I'm sorta glad I took the weekend off.

After the majority of information has come out, correcting much of the inaccuracies of the Washington ComPost piece on the rock in relation (or rather, no relation) to the Perry family, as well as Cain leaving the phrase at "insensitive" and walking away from criticism of Perry ("End of story!"), it's relatively clear what the real point of this media exercise was all along: to take down two birds with one stone.  Print media labels Perry a racist, while broadcast media entices Cain to comment on the clouded controversy during his Sunday show rounds.  Yes, the lamestream media will turn over every rock, literally, to collectively scrutinize (and when possible, take down) any challenger to their dear leader.

How odd that they won't feverishly report with equal vigor on another racially charged bombshell; this time involving their dear leader, a report that involves Obama appearing and marching with known racists of the New Black Panther Party in 2007.  Breitbart broke the story, but both Rush and Levin discussed it on their Monday programs.

Limbaugh exposes the rank hypocrisy of the media between this story and the rock...

...while Levin polishes off the rock...

Mark's opening monologue supplied greater perspective on a much bigger picture: the age-old history of the Democrat Party, both Old South and New North!

So the rock throwing that began on Sunday is a typical illustration of the levels that the liberal machine will pursue to not only protect their leaders or attempt to utterly destroy any and all opposition, but to maintain the facade of their true history and continue to manipulate, and yes, segregate, this constituency group and that constituency group, all for control. So much for that rock, huh?

(ht: Levin for "Washington ComPost")

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