Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the 3-man race continues...

With yesterday's announcement that Chris Christie will not run, compounded by Sarah Palin's announcement this evening that she will also not pursue the presidency, as well as Marco Rubio's pronouncement that he will not be the VP nominee, (shewww!) we pick up where we left off, and that appears to be a 3-man race that is still very much alive.  The latest CBS News poll presents an extension of the latest trends past Florida...

Herman Cain has moved into a tie with Mitt Romney atop the field of Republican presidential candidates, according to a new CBS News poll, while Rick Perry has fallen 11 percentage points in just two weeks.

We'll see where this leads heading into the next debate, which is the Bloomberg/Washington Post presidential debate (or 'Bloomturd' & the 'Washington Compost', as Levin so elegantly refers to the man & the publication, respectively) at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire on October 11th.  Will Cain continue his ascent?  Will Perry be able to bounce back?  Will Romney maintain his composure?  Here's to hoping that a larger outside news source will carry this debate nationally.

Likewise, here's to also hoping that we see much more 'fire in the belly' as Palin has described in this unique opportunity for principled conservatism to really come out on top, particularly while Republicans are gaining ground and opposition continues to grow against Obama.

ADDENDUM: Missed a Newsmax/InsiderAdvantage poll released on Wednesday, and Real Clear Politics hasn't included it in their compilation either, that shows businessman Herman Cain now leading former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney among likely GOP primary voters.

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