Monday, October 17, 2011

Shifting war continents? (UPDATE)

You may, or may not, have heard by now that Obama dumped a letter on Speaker Boehner's desk on Friday, informing him, after the fact of the matter, that he’s sending U.S. troops to central Africa to fight (err...excuse me, 'advise') against a group called the Lord’s Resistance Army. Nice. World Net Daily reports:

In a predictable Friday information news dump – the perfect time to release important news yet miss decent news coverage because of weekend deadlines – Obama is getting us into what promises to be another military quagmire across the globe, all in the name of humanitarian efforts.

Obama announced he's decided to send 100 fully-armed, U.S. Special Forces to Uganda to assist locals in disarming the dissident Lord's Resistance Army and its cult-like leader, Joseph Kony.

He didn't make a request or meet with Congress before making this decisions, he just dropped a letter on Boehner's desk, I guess hoping he'd disseminate the info. However, "The Associated Press reported that before Obama sent the letter, he briefed human rights activists about his plan and that their officials were encouraged." Excellent chronology, "He makes the decision, tells outside interests first, then he decides to tell Congress." That's priorities right there.

The first small group of troops arrived in Uganda on Wednesday – before the letter to Congress was delivered – and the Los Angeles Times reports the rest will be sent to South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo over the next month.

Also, his letter made mention of the humanitarian atrocities; however, his excuse for making the decisions was made in America's interest of "national security and foreign policy." How convenient.

WND also made mention that "On one hand, Obama wants the military budget cut, a reduction in the number troops and massive cuts in armaments," via that ill-conceived Super-Committee, which was helped along by our caving Republican leadership; yet, on the other hand, he's sending troops into the interior of Africa that puts us in the position of fighting yet another battle. And in all actualities, with troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, with nods to Tunisia and Egypt, then participation in Libya, and now deployment to Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo, it seems as though Obama has already moved the war front from the Middle East to the African continent. Everybody comfortable with that?  Well, some are in the auspice of 'humanitarian advisement'.

Levin took note of this action in his opening monologue on Friday and commentary afterwards as well...

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