Thursday, October 6, 2011

Setting the narrative: part II

Early Wednesday afternoon, I wrote about how Obama and the Democrats, through the media, are yet again attempting to set the narrative against Republicans in Obama's push to pass his so-called jobs bill.  Well, I wanted to talk a little bit about another narrative that arose from Obama's speech down in Texas; one in which Obama took Ronald Reagan's words erroneously out of context in both a senseless effort to garner support from moderates, and to also shamelessly advocate for class warfare that's become a hallmark of this Administration, and the modern statists Democrat Party for that matter.  Now fortunately, most by now have the common sense to know when Obama is invoking Reagan, there's usually a deceptive twist.  But as one might imagine, Mark Levin was not one to let this stand.  Here's what the Great One had to say about that err...correcting it, as well as elaborating on the subject with many more of Reagan's own words...

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