Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The perpetual campaign presses on

Well, the President says he's not campaigning (again). The wooing of cooing babies would beg to differ. CNS News reports:

President Barack Obama, on a bus trip the White House says is not part of his re-election campaign, is wooing voters in North Carolina and Virginia, two Republican-leaning states he won in 2008--and hopes to win again.

The White House says Obama is making the three-day, taxpayer-funded trip to promote his jobs plan, which failed last week in the Democrat-led Senate. Obama is now pushing Democrats to pass the legislation piecemeal.

And leave it to Biden to set the record straight, "Are we campaigning? Yes!"  Thanks, Mr. Vice President.  The perpetual Obama campaign has never ended.  It continues to press on, yet again on the taxpayer dime, with or without his teleprompter apparently (Oh, and that story's complete with a message from the kidnapped TOTUS).

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