Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is bigger than drunken Uncle Omar

How many illegal alien relatives does Barack Obama have in our country?

From the UK Daily Mail:

Onyango was pulled over last week after he nearly collided with an unmarked police Mitsubishi SUV patrol car near a fried chicken shop in the Boston suburb of Framingham while allegedly over the legal limit.

That’s not the only thing that was over the legal limit. Apparently, like Auntie Zeituni, the President’s ‘Uncle Omar’ is an illegal alien, and has been here for quite sometime, long enough in fact, as Irish Central points out, to have somehow obtained enough valid credentials to become a registered U.S. voter!

The first surprise for many was the fact that President Obama had a second illegal alien relative living in the United States. We previously learned about his Auntie Zeituni Onyango, who made headlines when it was revealed she was an illegal immigrant living in South Boston public housing. She has since been granted asylum by the State Department and it is assumed, still living in public housing.

But probably the most disturbing fact is that Uncle Onyango, had a valid Massachusetts drivers license and a social security card in his possession. How in the world do you get these documents when you are not an American citizen and you are here illegally?

Many are now wondering how easy or difficult is it for an "undocumented" alien, someone who is in our country illegally, to obtain these valuable documents?

But another realization is dawning on many: That if you can obtain these documents, then it must be very easy to obtain a voter registration card and vote. Lots of voter law requirements have been watered down over the years, some states don't even require I.D to vote. So a most troubling question for many: Is Uncle Onyango registered to vote in Massachusetts/US and has he voted in our elections?

Besides Obama’s incessant need to divide-and-pander towards any likely voter group, including the Democrat’s heavily courted Hispanic bloc, this sheds light on the President’s global citizen perspective, bringing new meaning to , ‘It’s all in the family!’

And once again, Levin speaks frankly on the illegal alien subject and delves deeper into a troubling Balkanizing bureaucracy…

(Here's a link to that CNSNews report that Levin referenced)

ADDENDUM:  Here's a thought for a southern border solution.  If the Obama Administration seems intent on encouraging the ousting of dictators throughout the Middle East, why don't we switch gears on that potential disaster and assist the Mexican People in cleaning up their corrupt government, as well as alleviating the cartel problem (the radical element that's being unaccounted for overseas), so there would no longer be a need to cross into our country illegally?  But what do I know, that'd involve real diplomacy and action.

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