Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad times for Barry

As the weekend brought much movement in the Republican presidential race, with Perry in, Bachmann winning the Ames poll, and Pawlenty out, all of which points to a solidifying GOP field, things are looking up.  Unfortunately (no, actually very 'fortunately'), the same can't be said for Obama, with his sinking job approval (or should I say, 'credit') rating at record lows, including among his key voters, and his desperate 3-day Magical Misery Tour with 3 tricked-out buses at $1.1M a pop (great use of taxpayer money with the possibility of a double-dip recession lingering)!  But no, the media would have us believe that we need more government spending, higher taxes and, oh yeah, America is turning against the tea party!  Laughable.  As Rush said today, "The great thing about the Tea Party is it can't really fade away because it really isn't a party. It's a state of mind. As long as the American people want a smaller and less intrusive government, the Tea Party's always gonna be popular -- and it's always gonna be large as long as a guy like Obama's in the White House."

So, back to Barry...when stepping back to observe the entirety of the glib situation that this president has thrust onto our nation -- quadrupled budgetless deficits, an unfunded socialized healthcare plan, stimulus wastes, skyrocketing energy prices, over 9% unemployment (over 16% underemployed) and ushering in America's first downgrade (there's 'historic') -- the Canada Free Press has it absolutely right with what's turned out to be quite a different race than the one heating up with the GOP contenders:

"The race is over, Jimmy Carter can rest easy. Until this feckless administration, the hapless 39th President of the United States was safely ensconced as the worst President in U.S. history. Now, Carter who gave us double digit inflation and interest rates, a national malaise and a military in decline has been surpassed in the race for the bottom. President Barack Obama is now the undisputed “Worst President in U.S. History.” He can place this award on his mantle next to the Noble Peace Prize."

Read the entire article...well worth it!

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