Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Left's 'tea party' Tourette's

Yes, it was predictable.  The Left ridiculed our tea flavored congressional members' desire for responsible governance during, and soon after, the debt debate.  They, as well as the Republican establishment, thought once Cut, Cap & Balance was axed, that would be the end of our resilience.  They were wrong.  And when tea party members of Congress continued to demand a responsible approach throughout one band-aid proposal after another (including the final bamboozle), they called our representatives 'hostage takers' and 'terrorists' for wanting a better deal towards real debt reduction and actual economic recovery, including job stability.

Like clockwork, as soon as the S&P downgrade was announced, who do you think the Left's Tourette's was aimed towards?  That's right...TEA PARTY, TEA PARTY, TEA PARTY!

Sidebar: Do Democrats have weekly meetings to discuss who'll be the 'target of the week'?  Seems like it, but I digress...

Contrary to Sen. Kerry's wishes, the media seems quite happy to oblige the Left's plight in attempted tea party blame of the downgrade.  The parroted White House marching orders appear clear, from John Kerry to David Axelrod...

...TEA PARTY, TEA PARTY, TEAP PARTY!  Nevermind the two-and-a-half years of excessively larger Obama Administration spending levels exceeding even Bush's exorbitant amounts (or preceding Obama, all presidents combined, for that matter).  These guys have forgotten the old adage that when pointing the finger of blame, three are pointing right back.  And even John McLame can see it!  In all actuality, the People see this for exactly what it is: liberal PANIC!  The buck stops where?  Don't look for Truman's placard on Obama's desk.

As explained in the previous post, when a credit rating agency asks for a particular level of debt reduction in any plan, and Congress (especially those members of the progressively liberal persuasion) wish not to allot for serious spending cuts, opting instead to only pass half of what's requested with undying hopes of tax (excuse me, 'revenue') increases, then what could possibly be expected?  And speaking of 'revenues', the Left has also implied that S&P requested those increased, completely bypassing the focal point of debt reduction.  Setting the record straight, to a Democrat, that means tax hikes; for Republicans, that means job creation that automatically infuses more revenue into the economy.  And it's important to point out, job creation through the free market, NOT the 'saved or created' hoax of Big Government.  I'm willing to take a stab at which idea more Americans would have confidence in.

Furthermore, the business community appears to have a clear grasp of Obama's policies, and where its vote of no confidence resides, from Wynn to Trump to this lady...

If there's any blame to assign for the downgrade, it is on those factions of politicians who'd borrow and spend our nation into oblivion without any responsible plan to pay off that debt, except to further burden the American taxpayer once again for their criminal negligence.  And whose policies reside in that mindset?  We all know the answer.  Looking into the near future, if these same politicians, directed by the Statist-in-Chief, can't get their act together and reduce the long-term debt, another downgrade will be just around the corner.  It's time to repeal and replace these temporary rulers, top down!

But for now, we'll continue to endure the Left's panic though their tea party Tourette's, and while some of our spokespersons will make it through the biased media gauntlet, we should not be deterred from the responsible path that this important movement has paved for the betterment of our country.

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