Monday, August 22, 2011

presidential polls schmolls and party operatives

Oh, how history repeats itself.  After excoriating the 'moderates' of the day, setting up the discussion in his opening monologue, Levin took listeners on a little stroll down memory lane with a 1980 TIME Magazine article that questioned Reagan's electability, the polls leading up to the presidential election and the establishment party operatives of the era.  Listen as Levin goes through the entourage of yesteryear's Rove's and Huntsman's.  Weren't we just discussing this same crap with the Krauthammer's and Will's just a few short months ago?  Yep, we'll continue to endure this over the next year...God Willing, we'll continue to have the Great One helping us through it!

"Be confident in our principles.  Be confident that our candidates can win.  Do not allow the Washington operatives, the consultants, who've worked for this candidate or that candidate, or this president or that president, deter you.  Don't allow it... This isn't about moving to the center, it's about moving forward with our principles."

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