Friday, March 4, 2016

Levin, Cruz ROCKED CPAC...Trump cancelled?

Levin, with his recent bouts of bronchitis, not only made it to CPAC, but gave a rousing speech this morning on how the conservative movement has saved this country in the past and how we are on the precipice of the conservative movement doing it again...

I liked how Levin took a few shots at Trump (not by name) when talking about Reagan during the speech. Some in the crowd booed him when he suggested everyone get behind the most conservative candidate (again not by name). They all knew he was talking about Ted Cruz. ~ TRS
Later in the afternoon, The TEDNADO went on to give another fantastic CPAC speech in what felt like a victory lap following last night's great GOP debate performance...

Cruz ripped into Donald Trump at the beginning, saying, “I think somebody told him Megyn Kelly was gonna be here!” referring to his last minute decision to skip the conference. He later mocks Trump’s “flexibility” that he touted during the debate. The video also includes the question and answer period at the end. ~ TRS
...and speaking of the Chumpster, he DUMPED CPAC at the last minute!
The Donald [CANCELLED] going to appear at CPAC after a YUGE uproar over his apparent purchasing of a speaking spot to the tune of a $50,000 to the CPAC organization.
After attempting to buy CPAC's silence, Trump bailed at the last minute? And Donald's the conservative we can depend on? That'd be the consistent, constitutional conservative that showed up!


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