Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ads, polls, townhall demonstrate Ted Cruz is the only serious candidate left in this race

With the rollout of three optimistic ads prior to Easter...

...followed by a virtuous Good Friday/Easter message and a long awaited endorsement...

...polling continues to build on last week's, showing that Wisconsin is falling into place for the only serious candidate left in this race...
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...along with a new ad demonstrating that point well:

But this phenomenon is not just happening in's spreading!

And it's likewise reflected in last night's CNN townhall where such forums allow Cruz to genuinely connect with citizens (h/t: TheRightScoop):
This is a really great answer that Ted Cruz gives to the question about bringing women into the Republican party.

That is a pretty awesome story about his mom, and a nearly perfect answer to the question, especially when his opponent’s campaign manager is going around hurting women at rallies.

Ted Cruz gave a very moving answer to a father who had also lost his son Jason, a former Marine, to the over prescription of medication in the VA in 2014.

America, it's time to get this right and #ChooseCruz!

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ADDENDUM: Here's the new Scott Walker endorsement ad fresh off the presses...

TRS: Scott Walker appears in a new TV ad for Ted Cruz telling voters to join him at the polls next Tuesday to vote for Ted Cruz, as he’s the one who can beat Hillary and win in November.

Walker has an 80% approval rating among Republicans in the state, so this endorsement ad may just make a difference in helping Cruz win most of the delegates in the winner-take-most state.

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