Monday, March 14, 2016

Klavan: I'm angry! So I'm voting for Donald Trump?

This one's just too SPOT ON to pass up! Folks, come's time to be honest with ourselves. Let's use our senses that the Good Lord gave us...
DailyWire: Donald Trump has captured the anger and frustrations of millions of Americans. Why are they so angry? Because they have spent the last seven years watching the lawless Obama Administration trample their rights while the Republican elites play failure theater and feign outrage. But does that make voting Trump a good decision?
" I'm voting for Donald Trump, because, because I'm angry! And I don't make very good decisions when I'm angry, so maybe I should calm down and vote for someone else who would be, like, a better president, and not such a schmuck."
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ADDENDUM: Klavan mentioned Trump's 'politically incorrect' comments about women. Well, OurPrinciplesPAC released a new ad on Monday that runs through a litany of those...real Trump quotes read by women...

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