Friday, March 4, 2016

CRUZnado sweeps Detroit!

Extraordinary night for Cruz! Out of the gate, rolling right through the applause lines, the substance poureth...
RedState: Tonight’s big winner was clearly and indisputably Ted Cruz. Cruz showed the most substance and had the strongest answers.

His line about charging Snowden with treason, like his answers on ethanol before the Iowa caucus, showed he’s able to give tough, definitive answers to questions that are controversial even within the party.

His touting of his Supreme Court credentials was not only a great case but a timely one.

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Also in the night was the moment of potential unity that has been discussed as the only way to effectively defeat Trump in this race. It came in the course of exposing Trump University...starting with Rubio (and Kelly) softening him up, then Cruz HAMMERING away and handling him like the petulant child that he is...
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And if once wasn't enough, a second moment of Cruz shutting up Trump came after he knocked it out of the park on a question about Second Amendment restrictions, which then led into SCOTUS nominees...

"breathe, breathe, breathe — you can do it, I know it's hard."
I think he’s figured out the secret to shutting up the Donald – you just have to treat him like the spoiled brat he is! ~ TRS
Unforgettably, Cruz had a magnanimous moment of the night when responding to the question of 'What's happened to Detroit?'
TRS: This may have been one of Cruz’s best moments of the night. He was asked about Detroit and completely nailed it, blaming the demise of Detroit on 50 years of failed left-wing Democratic policies. It was fantastic!
"Detroit is a great city with a magnificent legacy that has been utterly decimated by 60 years of failed left-wing policies."

Ted's final words of the night went out to ALL the men and women of this country (and their families) who serve and protect America...
"I will have your back."

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All in all, Cruz handily WON this debate with quality atop quantity. This is the substance, class and charisma that is missing with Trump, folks. We can't afford to get this so wrong when the consistent conservative standing before you is so RIGHT! Our time for choosing is NOW!

#TrusTed #Cruz2016

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