Monday, March 14, 2016

Cruz stayin' alive with conservative coalescence

Well, much has happened since that last post. Though I've been on a much needed family vacation over the past week, I've still managed to keep a watchful eye on the campaign trail, and what I've seen is what we've been waiting (and praying) for in the form of a conservative coalescence around Ted Cruz!

Ted has racked up a number of states since then: Kansas and Maine two Saturdays ago, Idaho this past Tuesday (with strong #2 spots in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii), Wyoming this Saturday, as well as Guam, and it appears Cruz is closing in on the number one spot in Illinois! Cruz's delegate count has steadily risen, and he's very much Stayin' Alive, folks. (Thanks Be To GOD!).

Preceding the Wyoming win, Ted earned some incredible endorsements, among which notably included former Republican presidential competitor Carly Fiorina, our generation's Great Communicator of conservatism Mark Levin, and his first senatorial endorsement, close friend and colleague in battle Sen. Mike Lee. On Wednesday, the Black Conservative Fund PAC, the country's most powerful black conservative group, endorsed Cruz, and on Friday, the Buckley-founded, returning-to-conservatism publication NationalReview also endorsed the Texan.

Cruz also had a phenomenal debate Thursday evening in the CNN/Salem debate from beginning to end with many powerful moments in between...
"Hillary Clinton says she'll cut waste, fraud and abuse, if only we had smarter people in Washington, that would fix the problem. You know what? That is the statement of a liberal who doesn't understand government is the problem. Here's my philosophy: The less government, the more freedom; the fewer bureaucrats, the more prosperity. And there are bureaucrats in Washington right now who are killing jobs, and I'll tell you I know who they are. I will find them, and I will fire them."

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One thing's for certain: TED CRUZ is the ONLY answer against the Republican nomination falling to a self-absorbed liberal con-man. There is no other. Now is the time to UNITE, to coalesce around this young constitutional conservative, even if the remaining contenders refuse to see the writing on the wall...
ABCNews: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said it will be a "disaster" for Republicans -- and the country -- if Donald Trump becomes the party's presidential nominee.

"I think it’s a disaster for the country because if Donald is the nominee, it makes it much, much more likely that Hillary Clinton wins the general," Cruz said in an interview on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."

The Texas senator said the answer to beating Trump isn't a brokered convention, but instead to "beat him at the ballot box."

Cruz said his campaign is "on a path to beating Donald Trump," after defeating the Republican front-runner in contests in seven different states, and recently securing endorsements from former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, radio talk show host Mike Levin, and conservative magazine National Review.

"We’re seeing Republicans uniting behind our campaign because we are the only candidate that is in position to beat Donald Trump, to earn 1,237 delegates and become the Republican nomination— nominee," Cruz said.

Cruz then spoke directly to Republicans supporting Marco Rubio and John Kasich, and urged them to unite behind his campaign in order to defeat Trump.

"I like and respect both of them, but neither one of them have any possibility of beating Donald Trump. It’s mathematically impossible," Cruz said. "I would say if you’re thinking of supporting one of them, we would welcome you to our team. If you don’t want to see Donald Trump as the nominee, if you don’t want to see Hillary Clinton as the president, then come join us."

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