Friday, April 17, 2015

Levin gives more insight into the roots of Obama's communist/racialist 'schooling'

Midweek, Levin touched on some newly surfaced audio clips demonstrative of the thoughts of a despot, which just so happen to be utterances of the Marxist in the White House...

Let's take a look at each of these:

1.) "my individual salvation would only come from a collective salvation"

Obama has repeated this numerous times...

Levin even mentioned one of these instances in Liberty and Tyranny:
"Throughout history, Statist systems have included: Nation Socialism, communism, and economic socialism. Invariably, the various forms are governed by the same principle: equality above all else. The Statist offers a Faustian bargain; if the individual surrenders his will to the state, then perfect equality in a worldly utopia is possible. Barack Obama has articulated views along these lines. For example, in 2008 he told a group of college graduates, "[O]ur salvation depends on collective salvation." Of course, the conservative rejects the view that salvation is something government can grant.

The international community, academics, and the media are generally allied or sympathetic to the Statist agenda. The enemies of individual liberty and civil society recognize they cannot achieve their aims in America overnight. Instead, their goal is to ridicule and marginalize Americans who believe in God, patriotism, and the blessings of liberty."
So as we can see, both in this excerpt and as Levin expressed the other evening, this isn't a religious or earnest notion made by this man, but rather the recognition of a tyrant, the collective salvation of totalitarians. Ultimately, anti-American and extremely dangerous.
AmericanThinker: President Obama has made no secret of his belief in "collective salvation"; the religious belief that one cannot achieve salvation by himself, unless he is also concerned for the the salvation of his neighbors, and society as a whole. By salvation of himself and his neighbors insert "for the greater good" or "income redistribution" , or for that matter, any number of things. And it is that "any number of things" that can get us into trouble. ...when salvation moves from the individual to the wholesale. Things get real fuzzy when the bright line of individual right and wrong , i.e. the Ten Commandments, succumbs to the fog of societal needs and justice. This concept is not new, neither is the mischief it can create-- often in unexpected and unrecognized ways. ...

By introducing the concept of collective salvation into our political discourse , our modern progressive/liberals have linked God to their old fashioned, largely discredited, notions of class fairness and material equality. With God at their side, they hope for greater success in selling this notion to Americans. Yet, this belief system can come with dangerous, unintended consequences.
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2.) "new map of the world"

Obama talks about his white friends being uncomfortable at a black party and how this brings about his perception of a 'new map of the world'. Could you imagine the media uproar if this garbage came out of the mouth of a white non-Democrat?
AIM: In the passages he read back in 1995, Obama discussed inviting some white friends to a black party and seeing them squirm. “They’re trying to tap their foot to the beat and being extraordinarily friendly,” he said. They are trying to fit in but they are uncomfortable and they tell Obama they want to leave. Obama concluded, “What I have had to put up with every day of my life is something that they find so objectionable that they can’t even put up with a day.”

This is like a revelation to Obama about the world of white racism. All of this he says “triggers” something in his head and he comprehends a “new map of the world.” He gets a sense of the anger and betrayal in society and even in his own family, where he is being raised by his white grandfather, “Gramps,” and white grandmother, “Toot.” This leads him to seek advice from “Frank.”...
We call this a racialist chip-on-the-shoulder mentality...never mind that the man and his family live the way he condemns! This is nothing more than race-baiting in all of Obama's glorious fraudulence. But this segues into a larger third point that Levin touched on...

3.) On Frank Marshall Davis: "he schools me that I should get used to these frustrations"

20 years later, the nation finally begins to receive clarity on the roots of both Obama's racialist derision and communist affinities...

TruthRevolt: Video of Barack Obama in 1995 has surfaced online from the vault of Cambridge Public Library where a discussion of his book Dreams from My Father was hosted. Speaking to the crowd, Obama reveals that "Frank," whom he mentions "schooled" him on how to "get used to" white racism, is really Frank Marshall Davis.

Davis was known as a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA; according to a Breitbart report, he was also on the federal government's Security Index during the Cold War era for his extreme politics. The report explains that because Davis was on that list, "he could have been immediately arrested" if war broke out between the Soviet Union and America.

"Frank" is mentioned throughout Obama's book. Curiously, in the abridged audio version of Dreams from My Father released in 2005, the year Obama began his Senate career, all mentions of his mentor were scrubbed.

But now this video exists online. In it, Obama talks about sitting with Davis in his home drinking whiskey listening to him talk about how "black people have a reason to hate… so you might as well get used to it."
Utterly abandoning the reasonable, compassionate teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (i.e., "not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character"), Obama pursues the indoctrination of a communist/racialist mentor. Now his 'new map of the world' makes more sense. Now his 'collective salvation' begins to fall into place. And yet, his livelihood is in utter opposition to his rhetoric. This is where his imperialism shines.

Sends his girls to an elite school, he vacations in Martha's vineyard, she vacations in Aspen, both vacation in Hawaii (often taking separate planes). Living larger than most Americans would ever dream of, all on the taxpayer dime. All of this extravagance, and then the constant Marxist clap-trap of equality and fairness, always pushing demographic politics throughout our communities. When does he set foot in either the suburbs or the urban minority centers to experience any of the real life situations that his propaganda targets?

Here lies the consummate forked-tongue hypocrite and false prophet of our era. But no worries...the media and academic sycophants, along with the international quislings and our own internal cowards, will once more take a nothing-to-see-here approach, sweeping it all under the proverbial rug of our crumbling republic, while labeling us extremists for pointing out the tyranny at hand as we dare to sound the alarm. Remember, though, the truth will set you free. It's time, America.

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