Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How the hell can NYC give illegals the right to vote?

In a new unlawful America where even pasty white Jeb Bush is supposedly 'Hispanic', these are the questions that we are faced with...
NRO: New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval ratings have slipped below 50 percent, making it possible he could face a serious primary challenge in 2017. But New York’s pro–de Blasio city council may have found a way to stop that cold: A majority of the council supports giving more than 1 million non-citizens full rights to vote in local elections. That’s one in five adult New Yorkers.
Thank God for one voice of reason out there...
"Now first of all, I could have sworn we had a Supreme Court decision, an absurd decision, but a decision nonetheless, supported by the Obama regime. They sent their legal hacks into the Supreme Court to argue, 'Look, Arizona, other states and localities, they can't decide immigration policy.' They said, 'the Constitution provides exclusive, plenary jurisdiction to the Feds,' which is not true, but nonetheless that's what they argued. And of course the Supreme Court agreed... So, that's the law of the land, right? Well, apparently not!"
Much more below:

On Monday's Mark Levin Show: The number of illegal aliens voting in America is already high, and now New York City wants to give them the right to vote. Mayor Bill de Blasio and his city council want to give voting rights to 1 million illegal aliens, claiming 1 in 5 adults in NYC are illegal immigrants. Citizenship is supposed to mean something but the Marxist left is tearing us to shreds from the inside out. You can't have assimilation into American culture while elected officials with no virtue use liberty to destroy liberty.
Levin's absolutely right, "They will burn down the building to get the toilet!" And where the hell is the GOP in all of this? Asleep on the crapper!

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