Friday, April 24, 2015

Fundamental transformation: The balkanization (and danger) of unrestrained illegal immigration

Double-standards much? Security for thee, but not for me? South of the border can have it one way, but damned if we demand law and order?

Levin addressed some of this on last Thursday's program...
The corrupt Mexican government enforces their strict deportation laws while American deportation law is ignored and rewritten by President Obama and the left to open our borders. Luis Gutierrez wants to train our border patrol agents to look the other way when it comes to illegal immigrants unless they’re criminals. People come from all over Central and South America and other third-world nations because these corrupt countries view us as suckers. It’s time to stop listening to the fools in both parties that pretend that wave after wave of immigration is good for the U.S. Politicians don’t care about immigrant children and their families; it’s all about fundamentally transforming America.
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And continued more this week with how we should be enforcing our law, you know, like Mexico!
On Monday's Mark Levin Show: We should adopt Mexico's immigration enforcement program and deport anyone we catch coming across instead of giving them due process rights. We used to have a system to weed out dangerous immigrants with bad intentions, but now we have open borders and accept refugees from the Middle East.
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Six people in Minnesota, San Diego busted by FBI for joining ISIS well as underscoring the political whims despite Americans' opposition...
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: We're facing the largest amount of immigration in U.S. history because there's no longer a fear of deportation. A majority of Americans oppose open borders and amnesty, but politicians ignore popular opinion and use our own laws against us while phony journalists like Jorge Ramos continue to advance their agenda. People are pouring over our borders and have no idea what American heritage and culture is. How can you assimilate people that don't comprehend the founding principles of America?
You can't. This is nothing short of balkanization foisted upon us by the Washington ruling class. But actually, it's even more dangerous than that...

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ADDENDUM: Bridging the gap..."When there's no border, it doesn't stop at the border."
TRS: Mark Levin opened his show [Monday] night warning that there will be more terror attacks in this country if we don’t deal with the urgent Islamo-Nazi problem that has been made evident via the Somali community in Minnesota. He plays audio of officials from a press conference in Minnesota where they blatantly say we have a terror-recruiting problem in the Somali community and it’s not just one person doing it.

Levin ties this into the current issue of illegal immigration and points out that our weak politicians aren’t doing anything about it.

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