Friday, April 24, 2015

By hook, but mostly by crook, Obama, Big Business cronies want Iranian nuke deal

Corruption...from within and permeating out...

From greedy, unprincipled Big Business cronies (yes, the same ones who want hordes of unassimilated illegals for cheap labor, and who also happen to bankroll the Washington Establishment of both parties)...
On Monday's Mark Levin Show: It's time for the U.S. Senate to stand up for itself and take their power back, because we can't afford for them to surrender any more power. We've learned the real reason the Obama administration is pushing for a deal with Iran so hard - because some American businesses want sanctions lifted in order to do business with Iran. Nukes, ICBMs, and the security of America and our allies in the Middle East don't matter as long as executives can make an extra buck. Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia are facing a fusion of the hard-left Marxists with unpatriotic American businessmen.
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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: President Obama isn't just giving aid and comfort to the enemy, but subsidizing them too. The U.S. State Department is prepared to give Iran $50 billion as an incentive to sign a deal. Our allies in the Middle East are crying out for help while Obama does his best to turn a third-world throwback Islamo regime into a superpower. Republican Senators need to stand up to Obama's endless power grab because bi-partisan national suicide is unacceptable. Obama's foreign policy is worse than isolationism; it's interventionism on the wrong side. hook, but mostly by crook, this President and his sycophants want this disastrous deal.

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