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Obama's executive amnesty is costing US, but Congress can stop it

"When we go to the ballot box, and we vote to change the direction of this country, to have this narcissist say to us, 'two thirds of the people didn't vote,' so he represents them? Well, ladies and gentlemen, if that's not the definition of totalitarianism, I don't know what is. And the pathetic, pretend media in this country just write it down and spit it out." ~ Mark Levin 12/1/14
Over the holiday break, if you bothered to turn on the news, it was blatantly apparent that government media wanted everybody's attention on Ferguson. For heaven's sake, can't talk about the President's overreach of power that affects every single person in this nation!

Never mind them. Here's the disaster, thus far, that an overzealous, imperial president has caused with his executive overreach in bypassing constitutional rule of law...with the media's stamp of approval and Congress letting him!

Obama's executive amnesty will cost taxpayers $2 TRILLION! Add that on top of the newly exceeded $18 trillion national debt...
NumbersUSA: The Heritage Foundation's expert on welfare and entitlement spending, Robert Rector, said on Monday that illegal aliens who receive amnesty and work permits through Pres. Obama's executive actions will draw $2 trillion over their lifetimes in taxpayer-funded government services. He based the figure on estimates that 4 million illegal aliens will benefit from the actions and will live an average of 50 years.

"The net cost — which is total benefits minus total benefits paid in — of the amnesty recipients I estimate will be around $2 trillion over the course of their lifetime," Rector told Breitbart News. "What [Obama] is doing is he is putting these 4 million people — who on average have a 10th grade education — into the Social Security and Medicare programs."
Obama's executive amnesty killed his own party's tax deal...not that that's necessarily a bad thing, as RINOs were bending over backwards, as usual, to appease Democratic statists over any kind of conservative principle, along with their own base...
Politico: How could a major tax deal brokered by the top Senate Democrat die so quickly at the hands of a Democratic president?

Immigration politics and Democratic infighting came together to doom the $400 billion deal even before it had made it into print. The brinkmanship threatens to disrupt the lives of millions of taxpayers who rely on the mishmash of expired provisions the plan was trying to revive.
And then combined with Obamacare, a loophole gives employers a $3,000 incentive to hire illegal immigrants, giving them green cards and work permits, over American citizens!
DailyMail: A perverse loophole in the Affordable Care Act will soon make illegal immigrants more affordable to hire than native-born Americans.

Once millions of people living in the U.S. illegally receive resident cards and work permits, they will be eligible to hold jobs and earn wages. But they won't qualify for Obamacare benefits or subsidies.

That means employers with 50 or more full-time workers can't be penalized for failing to provide them with company-based medical insurance. Ordinarily that fine amounts to $3,000 per worker, per year.
But you've got guys like Mitt Romney out there telling the GOP to pass a permanent amnesty to beat Obama? Do huh?! Or one up on that, Chicago's flagrantly liberal Archbishop describing immigration reform as somehow 'God's agenda'? (Note how the mediaites pull out the so-called 'religious leadership' whenever it accommodates the usurpation of the Constitution...separation of Church and State doesn't apply then!)

I'd go with Mark Levin's response to the Archbishop (@67:00):
"So, open borders, unrestricted illegal immigration, which no country can sustain, none, with a massive welfare state, Friedman's point. This is just logic. You see, Mr. Archbishop, and I do say this with all due respect, God gave us something else, a brain. And with that brain, we are supposed to reason. And when we reason, we understand that it is impossible for a shrinking number of productive American citizens to subsidize an exploding number of unproductive, subsidized individuals, legal or illegal. And if the entire society collapses, or the wealth of the nation is destroyed as a result of these man-made experiments, well then who benefits from that, Mr. Archbishop? Nobody."
There is a path forward to stop such executive fiat. It only requires Congress to look within their own power to follow the rule of law. And further congressional analysis concludes that Congress can indeed defund Obama's executive amnesty!
Breitbart: The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has concluded that House Appropriations Committee chairman Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) is wrong, and that Congress can in fact block funding for President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty order.

“In light of Congress’s constitutional power over the purse, the Supreme Court has recognized that ‘Congress may always circumscribe agency discretion to allocate resources by putting restrictions in the operative statutes,’” the CRS, a legislative authority on Capitol Hill, wrote in a report sent to incoming Senate Budget Committee chairman Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL). “Where Congress has done so, ‘an agency is not free simply to disregard statutory responsibilities.’ Therefore, if a statute were enacted which prohibited appropriated funds from being used for some specified purposes, then the relevant funds would be unavailable to be obligated or expended for those purposes.”

Sessions’ team provided the CRS report—which is not made public unless members of Congress who request such reports decide to make them so—exclusively to Breitbart News.

Rogers, last week, argued that Congress could not block funding for Obama’s executive amnesty because the agency that will be printing the work authorization and other documents for illegal aliens—U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)—operates primarily on fees it collects rather than from tax revenue collected by the federal government. ...

But the CRS report that Sessions requested shows that is untrue. Even if an agency like USCIS operates on fees rather than tax revenues appropriated by Congress, the Congress can still block funding for the implementation of such matters as Obama’s executive amnesty. ...

Cutting the legalese language here, basically this means that, no matter how USCIS gets it money—even if it’s from a prior authorization appropriation that is permanent and based on fee collection—Congress can still restrict the use of that money for some purposes.
On the very night that Obama announced his executive dictate, Sen. Sessions encouraged Congress to do just that, imploring the House of Representatives to pass a government funding bill that blocks any money being spent on the president's unconstitutional amnesty. I suspect this is why the feckless leadership wanted Sessions out, but it's high time to listen to reason and allow it to prevail. Otherwise, the Republic, from sovereignty to subsidy, continues to crumble.

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