Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Levin to GOP: 'I am one inch away from leaving you!'

Something tells me if he finally would, many might just follow...

Levin RIPPED into the Republican 'children' on last night's program, emphasizes how Boehner and McConnell have guided Republicans in rubber stamping funding for Obamacare and Obama's illegal amnesty in the CRomnibus bill passed over the weekend. These fools have ceded their congressional power to this president, and it doesn't appear to bother them one damn bit.
"I am one inch away from leaving you. And I bet I speak for hundreds of thousands of people. One inch. You think this is a joke? You think you can lie to the American people? Do you think you can lie to Republicans and lie to conservatives about how you're going to defund Obamacare? Run millions of dollars of ads on that to get reelected? On how you're going to fight unconstitutional amnesty, tooth and nail? You think you can lie to us with impunity and repeatedly?

I don't care how many millionaires and billionaires you have in your damn back pocket! I don't care about your damn vacations on Saturday! Orrin Hatch, Ayotte, Corker...Flake, and you other losers. You had an opportunity to stand up on Saturday and to be counted for the Constitution! I don't care about your damn procedures, and neither does anybody else!

You go on tv, you go on radio, national, local, regional, on and on about an imperial president, on and on about how he's undermining the Constitution, and you can't even vote on a point of order challenging him, because you're a bunch of children!

We read what you have to say about Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and of all places, Politico, that liberal rag. You sound like a bunch of munchkins, back-benchers, immature, stupid, childish comments: 'I don't know what this is gonna add up to,' 'I don't know why we're here,' 'I've seen this movie before.'

And you're so ineffective, and you're so impotent. We've seen this movie before, and you still can't get off your ass and do something about it! 'Well we might shut down the government.' I worked for a president who shut down the damn government over half a dozen times! It's not the end of the world, and it wasn't the end of the world last year.

Our Constitution is in tatters, and YOU just voted, many of you, to rubber stamp what Obama did, and that's how he saw it! And he's smiling all over today, and he's going on his Hawaii trip for 17 days, while you pathetic politicians can't even muster the seriousness to vote the right way!"

The republic is in decline. We live in a post-constitutional period. You're so worried about Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, you damn fools don't even understand you've surrendered your power to the President of the United States. He seized it, and you just voted to confirm it! You just certified it!
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On Monday's Mark Levin Show: The Republicans had an opportunity Saturday night to stand up and vote against this Cromnibus bill, which funds Obamacare, amnesty and President Obama's radical agenda, and they didn't. Mark says he is one inch away from leaving the Republican Party if this keeps up and there are thousands of people who feel the same. The Constitution is in tatters and the Republican Party doesn’t even realize they've ceded their power to Obama. Congress goes on about an imperial president yet do nothing about it. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell should resign but their egos won't let them. Instead, they're cutting deals with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid behind closed doors, pushing their agenda to the Republican establishment in Congress, and anyone that speaks out against it like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are attacked for not going along with the party. We are sick of voting for corrupt crony Republicans who won't do what we voted for and continue to violate their oath of office and trample the constitution. Senators Mark Lee and Ted Cruz call in and speak with Mark to talk about the gridlock in Washington. They have to fight tooth and nail to vote on anything, while bills are negotiated behind closed doors rather than on the Senate floor.

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