Sunday, December 7, 2014

Levin to state lawmakers: 'Take your power back...You are the last line of defense of liberty'

To do full justice to Mark Levin's thought-provoking and motivating petition, please, just LISTEN, especially before drawing any conclusions...
Constitutional scholar, author, and radio talk show host Mark Levin delivers a passionate speech at the State & Nation Policy Summit at the American Legislative Exchange Council Conference, Dec 4, 2014. Levin is a powerful advocate for our state legislatures/legislators to use Article V of the Constitution, as intended, to rein in a runaway federal government. He is the author of "Liberty Amendments", a benchmark book on the use of Article V by We the People, through our STATE legislators, to take our country back from the overreaching, overtaxing, overregulating, and overbearing legislative-class elites in Washington, DC.

WashingtonExaminer: The building national movement for a constitutional convention of states to block President Obama’s executive orders got a huge boost Thursday when leading advocate Mark Levin urged state lawmakers to throttle all of Washington, including Republicans.

“Take your power back,” he demanded of the hundreds of lawmakers attending the American Legislative Exchange Council convention on Capitol Hill. “You are the last line of defense of liberty.”

Levin got star billing because a focus of the winter meeting of the limited government group is pushing for a convention of states, a project of the Citizens for Self-Governance, who sponsored the top talk show host who recently wrote a book laying out constitutional amendments the nation should consider. The process is offered in Article V of the Constitution.

He described a nation that is morphing into a “post-constitutional” crisis where state legislatures are “irrelevant,” and the president and Congress do whatever they want, and nobody in Washington provides checks and balances.

“We have a president of the United States who says, ‘Hey, Congress won’t act. I will.’ Excuse me? Well what’s that? Sounds like a runaway convention to me,” he said.

Ditto for Republicans. “Throw out the establishment Republicans and others who are stopping you from doing what you need to do,” Levin urged.

To applause, he pushed legislators to consider a convention of 2,000-3,000 delegates to review procedures for hosting a constitutional convention as a warning shot to Congress and the White House. “That alone would shake up this city,” he said.
And addressing the runaway convention naysayers, take Levin's advice, "Ignore these idiots! We’re not some cult over here; we’re the majority." Proponents of an Article V Convention of the States (NOT a 'Constitutional Convention', which is damn near an ongoing phenomena of what's occurring in Washington, D.C. right NOW!) are simply trying to save the country and the Constitution. Join US!

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